Scalper Alert

I guess it’s time to share the Festivarian Spirit with this fellow!

[b]town park camping Telluride Bluegrass Festival Pass - $500 (boulder)

I still want to go but I also want to go to england to see Kate Rusby if someone wants this ticket for the price I will part with it. If not I will go to the festival instead[/b]

Please keep it polite and friendly, but to the point.

Two tickets on Ebay also. Looks like a first-time seller.

Ebay auction link

Here’s what I wrote them:


As you know, these tickets are hard to get since they’re only available via lottery from Planet Bluegrass. There’s a community of folks out there that hold these near and dear. Some in this community have been camping in Warner Field/Town Park for years. As you can understand, this community does everything it can to discourage scalping (selling above face value plus reasonable costs) of Telluride Bluegrass tickets. The folks who camp and live together during the festival become like a family- and like a family, discourage practices that would drive prices up or that would encourage people to enter the lottery for profit.

I know times are tough but, in this spirit, please consider making these tickets available thru the festivarian forum- getting reimbursed what you paid for them, plus any other costs you may have reasonably paid. Thanks.

That auction is showing a $20.00 profit for 2 tickets. Hummmm… Could that be for the credit card charges?

Well, that is the opening bid price for two. I do notice that they have been clever enough to white out the ticket numbers.

Never any CC charges from Planet Bluegrass. NEVER.

link? :8

Those people make me so mad
:swearing :argh :swearing :argh :swearing :argh :swearing :argh :swearing

Let me clarify…
The charges from their credit card company. :thumbsup

Hi Hope,

I’d have no problem at all with it if they did a “Buy It Now” at that price ($550 for 2 tix.) With 4+ days left, it’s now up to $600 and will, no doubt, go higher. Obviously, they can do what they want- my goal was to point out to them that I don’t think it’s cool to do what they’re doing. At least that way they can’t use some lame excuse like- Oh, we didn’t know. Throwing these out for high bid leads to this kind of crap…

Here’s a scalper’s store (Denver Ticket Co.) listing 4 day tickets that’s really outrageous- I hope they get to eat their little pieces of paper :mad

Thankfully, these bozos either weren’t lucky enough to get TP or Warner tickets or not sophisticated enough to have known how to go after them…yet. If they make $ on these, you can bet they’ll figure it out by next year.

I totallt get it. Thanks!

Hope they get it. :frowning:


Unfortunately, that fella has RG tix too. :frowning:
He’s been marked, but unfortunately, there is no way for me to deny him tickets. As bad as it is, it’s not illegal for them to do this. :argh

remember folks, if you get an email address or any other info about a scalper…please pass it along to me. :cheers

Gotta love this one:

$248 for 4-day passes, no camping. While there are still tix available for $155. If they sell all 10, they make an easy $1000 on the deal.

And as a special bonus, they can rot in hell. What a deal!! :evil

Again, I will ask that we all keep the Festivarian Spirit and not stoop to their level, but… whatever. :lol

Auntie Hope :flower :rock :green


here is another scalper website and they are selling only passes no camping…$261.00 each

CTC Headquarters, Austin, Texas

Hey Scalper Patrol-

Here’s was one in Louisville, KY that festivarians flagged to death…thanks -it’s been flagged, no need to click link

Which reminds me of a vaguely related true story-
I was driving home one day and passed a somewhat slowly moving (I think it was gold colored) cadillac. The vanity license plate was out of state (from the Bluegrass State). A little old man was driving in that cautious way little old men do, his wife (I assume) in the passenger seat. By the time I passed them, I was smiling big-time, on the verge of cracking up. He looks over and smiles and waves. I wave back and just about lose it, so bad I almost can’t keep the car on the road.

Somewhere out there a little old couple most likely is surrounded by smiling, amused drivers. When he (or she) looks in the rearview mirror, they usually see someone smiling or laughing. In their world, the road is a happy place. I wonder if they wonder why other drivers smile so much…

Their vanity plate reads, “KY GAL”

shut up Ron

-other Ron in Abq

Dude !!!

<Leave It Alone Ron !!>
ok I will listen to the Rice Crispies …

Ps Bash the Scapler !!!

I wonder if the car ever goes in for a lube job ? :lol :lol :lol


take a look at this