It is amazing what those 16 OZ cups of Rumballs will do for you!!! Was anybody hung over after that one??? :pirate

I had TWO full 16oz cups of rumballs last year! :drunk

I got PLASTERED! :blush

Surprisingly, not only was I starting to sober up at bed time,
but I woke up without a hangover. :thumbsup

You are a better man that I Tom! :pirate

yea he did 2 16 oz and tried to climb a tree and messed up his Knee!!!

and you say Dumb Azz…lol

love you bro !!!

T-Tom was standing near the R-balls distribution area and I walked up to him and held out my standard size R-balls little cup for a refill, thinking that Tom was pouring R-balls. He said “This is my Rumball” I thought to my self “uh-oh, trouble coming” I just had to laugh.

I’ve promised Tom to NEVER release the recording of his decent into the rumbalss cup… :flower

Now what kind of bribe will it take to get me to put it out there :evil :evil

We all love and adore you tom - even after 32oz of rumballs. So who gets the 16oz cup THIS year?


I’m avoiding the 16oz cup this year! :lol

At my age, if I get to stumbling/fall down/drunk I don’t heal so fast. :eek

And, I never climbed any trees! :rolleyes
I did trip getting into my tent, cause I couldn’t pick up my feet though. :rollin

i’ve never had rum balls, but it sounds like i need to get acquainted with them real soon :slight_smile:

…it is an experience that you will not long remember :cheers

hahaha… i’m ok with that though!

“I feel sorry for people who don’t drink. When they wake up in the morning, that’s as good as they’re going to feel all day.”
-frank sinatra

Well if that was Frank Sinatra…he stole it from W.C. Fields!! :drunk :drunk :cheers :thumbsup

ok Tom No one said you climbed a tree, as I understand it you attempted and failed? but let’s not get into our stumblings and fumblings, we all have our own little indiscretions to deal with. (he said finaly showing his face again) :rolleyes

What is really fun to see is just how “flirty” Tom gets after 32 oz of rumballs. He puts all those young boys to SHAME!!

:drunk To Rumballs!!

xoxo Rhonny, aka Monkeygirl

so i’m confused here…

do you all make rumball drinks?

because when i look them up online i only get references to candy…

can anyone divulge a secret recipe? :secret

Well, it does vary a bit, but basically it’s all kinds of fruit…watermelon, strawberries, peaches, bananas, raspberries, blueberries, etc. soaked in various alcohol. It’s mostly rum, but can include vodka, gin, moonshine, etc.

And very tasty! :cheers

I was flirtiing? And I was good at it?
Maybe I shouldn’t avoid the big cups. :rollin

ahhhh… in ohio we call that a ‘Hairy Buffalo’

…have any of you had Apple Pie? …it’s a dangerous concoction. i’ll dig up the recipe and post it here in a few minutes!

we’re planning on bringing a few gallons this year!!!


You are QUITE the lothario after a 16 oz’er. Fahgedda’bout it after 32!!

xoxo Monkeygirl

Can we have rumballs right NOW??? :flower

This is at least the 2nd post that I’ve read today where you have ended by saying “…right NOW???” :rollin

I think I’m going to try and make an apperance at Rumballs this year. :pipe2

I’ve heard too much about it not to. :flight