As newbies who have not been to the Great State Of COLORADO since 2003, we have decided it is our duty to cancel the plane ride and take a trip across the south of this great country of ours!!!

Anticipation is rampant in NC!!!

We drive from California! It’s so much fun to be together in the car travlin places we have never been…worth every minute. :wink:
I make little sandwiches in mini pita pockets, fill the cooler up with easy snacks, muffins, and cold juices…and off we go…East bound, baby! :flower

We come down from Montana every year and it is the most beautiful drive ever (I’m excluding the drive through Wyoming in my previous statement). :cheers

:mad :mad :mad :mad :mad :mad :mad

From Nashville I head West. Looking forward to the third road trip here! :thumbsup

Auntie Hope :festivarian2 :green

That’s only because we drive through Eastern Wyoming. If we drove through Western Wyoming, we’d go through Yellowstone, Grant Teton and along the base of the Wind Rivers. Not to mention Flaming Gorge. Maybe an alternate route is in store for this year… :eek:

which part of california are you coming from . i’m coming from hell-a

Yeah Matt when we ledt last year we went up through the west of Wy through all the places you mentioned all the way to Glacier wow what a drive. Camping and hiking up that way were incredible

If you fish, Wind Rivers is an excellent fishin spot as well as hiking.

This should get me to 42 states…love the open road and the people along the way!!!

we’re coming from hella too!! (tahoe) :wave

:thumbsup If you are coming from southern CA take the time to explore the old route 66 byways. There is so much history left on those little “side” trips and it is vanishing at an incredible rate. Plus you will find the best and worst burgers in the world along the way. Go out and have an adventure.


We’re taking a 35-day SWern U.S. trip exploring National Parks from Georgia.

I went to a Telluride Mid-Summer Music Festival in 1991 and have been absolutely dying to get back ever since.

This Bluegrass Festival is going to be so much fun!! I’ve only been there once, but it’s the most beautiful place in the world!

my sister and I are heading to Telluride for the first time from MD. Super excited ROADTRIP! Telluride here we come.

I would have replied with something similar, but Matt beat me to it.

i love the drive from L.A. to Telluride . i try and go a different way each time . i’m gonna go through monument valley and natural arches this time . i went to page arizona last year and to antelope canyon . i’ve never seen such beauty . i want some day take a road trip across the country . there are so many places i haven’t seen yet . i’m a photographer so i have to one of these days . CAN’T WAIT FOR TELLURIDE !! its getting close !!

we went through arches on our way home last year!! well worth it…i love the red canyons. we are taking hwy 50 through nevada… the old pony express way…yeee haawwww… :drive

I took highway 50 every year to Telluride when I lived in California.
It’s billed as the “Loneliest Highway in America”. :thumbsup

This year I’m going to drive in from Hawaii.

Bring your rain clothes; I hear that highway gets pretty wet :lol