Random Acts of Kindness

As the holiday season starts, I challenge all of you to try and do “one random act of kindness” through the New Year… As Arlo might say, " we can start a movement"…



Just mailed out a Highway men show to a stran :thumbsupger from Ratdog board

Yes he is but today is the first day of Chanukah…so with that in mind

                                                                                [b]HAPPY CHANUKAH[/b]


I didn’t get picked for the “Town Park” camping, so a random act (albeit not mine) allowed someone else to have what I thought might be my site! (LOL)!!
I did just go through the closet and gave away a bunch of clothes for those less fortunate… does that count??

of course it does silly! so um . . . how can I get a hold of those clothes? hehe

I saved a worm from drowning today . . . . :slight_smile:

I think its best to leave this one alone …

Shut Up Ron
:cheers :cheers :festivarian

shut up Ron

Yes Maam …

Boy, I can’t wait!! Only 6 more months until I can tell Ron to shut up in person again!!!

Thanks for the Love

I held in my road rage when I was cut-off on the freeway. :mad

That’s my Christmas gift to the OC. :flower

What happens to the OC when you don’t suppress your road rage? (do we need some type of protective vest???)

Well, you had better be fully insured… :evil

Oh my a sears mexican huh ?..I’ll save you a taste Of the Dragons Breathe …Habby Bloody Mary mix
maybe with a sprinkle of Red Sarvina powder…lol

Santa’s making his list…

I’ve got a tree!

And the stockings?

and the Misletoe?