Railroad Earth - WOW!!!

If you haven’t heard by now, Railroad Earth has been on FIRE recently…and i figured that I would share this little gem with everybody

Check out this AMAZING recording of their show at the Ogden Theater in Denver this past weekend…http://www.archive.org/details/rre2009-04-04.akg-dpa

Both Friday and Saturdays shows are up already…If you have some time to spend on the archive website there are TONS of recent RrE shows and thousands of other great bands as well. This is where I have been getting most of my music from recently…just figured that I would share the wealth.

Hope you enjoy.

I could not agree more! I saw them a couple weekends ago at the Berrymore Theatre in Madison, WI and they were damn excellent. They sound so tight but still manage a great deal of improvisation. I am really looking forward to their two shows at Telluride! People who are trying to trade their RRE tickets are insane!

A thousand thank you’s for the Archive link!! I’ve listened to the show twice since lastnite… Makes me even MORE stoked for June…


Hey thanks for the link!

Saw RRE Fri night at the Ogden with friends Jen and Doug, and we had a great time. I hadn’t seen them since their last and only Tride appearance, wow is all i can say. My new favorite band! Good times…


Yes indeed! They are on fire. I think that they are the finest touring band out there currently and can’t wait for them to blow the Telluride crowd away.

“Colorado, Summertime”

No doubt The Ogden shows are fire.

Sweet…thanks gipper!!! :cheers

And I’m glad that I’m not the only one totally obsessed with these guys!!! I have not been able to stop listening to them for the past two weeks!!! I can’t wait for June…

I think “Colorado” HAS to have been written about Telluride…the lyrics just fit too perfectly!!! :sunshine

And now they’re opening for Allmans, Sep. 5th, Red Rocks.

EPIC :thumbsup

Here are a few pics from their weekend in D-town…

OPENER: Split Lip Rayfield (I am a new fan of these dudes…)



RRE Boys:





Nice pics from the Ogden :cheers

:flower I LOVE Railroad Earth :thumbsup

Nice px, Jen. Thanks! :thumbsup

Auntie Hope :festivarian2 :green

I am a HUGE fan of RRE! Was blissed out over the last weekend and looks like my summer is going to be full of Hobos. SO STOKED… Crystal Bay here I come! RRE @ RR has been my dream for a few years and now it is coming true!

I loved the Split Lip set! I have been wanting to see them for so long and wish I wouldnt have waited. I’m on the train! Sweet pics for sure!

Two new fans! Thanks for the link and the pics! Friday night at TBF with bells on!
These guys can cook!! :thumbsup

Great Pics !

It’s awesome to see veterans acting like newbies/virgins when it comes to Railroad Earth.

The first time I heard these boys from Stillwater, NJ was a whopping first hour into my inaugural Telluride Bluegrass Festival. They were the 2nd act on the Thursday, June 21, 2001.

Here is their setlist:

06/21/01 (Thu) Telluride Bluegrass Festival @ Town Park - Telluride, CO
Set 1: Bird in The House, Head, Lordy Lordy, Seven Story Mountain, Black Bear, Colorado, E: Cold Water

Looks like I’ve been hooked on a few things ever since then! :hop :hop :hop

:wave call me crazy but I’m savin’ myself for the entire fest. Fresh ears…

I guess that’s why it bugs me when people talk to me too much during a set while I listen, cause it’s the first time for me…Let’s go, I’ll start the car… :medal

OK…Your crazy!!

Maybe, but sure does feel good :lol :flower :lol

:wave You’re preaching to the choir sista! :thumbsup

Well call me crazy and pressed fer quality time :flower OK I will do a sneak peek :medal If you insist :cheers
Yes I agree with you sometimes venue size has an influence on delivery… :flower