Pre-Fest Town Park festivities!

We’re less than three months out! :woohoo :rock :festivarian :pickin

Who’s doing what for Pre Fest fun?

We’ll do another Fish Fry on Monday evening 6ish… Hoping to have an organized pick for this.

I only assume Bloody’s will be on Monday morning. Waiting on Lucas’s spreadsheet! :thumbsup

Is everyone still down with Beer share on Tuesday maybe early afternoon??? :cheers

12 weeks and 18 hours till we leave!

OMG is it time to plan already!?!?

I usually do the BMM spreadsheet in April so that’s forthcoming but ya, still targeting Monday AM by the bath house!

Didn’t we decide on 11:59a for beer share so we could technically drink all day?

As a reference here is 2019’s pre-fest schedule (couldn’t fit the crawfish boil on this view, sorry Paul/Bevin. And I’m not sure why the fish fry isn’t on here…wherps.)

Oh, yeah my responsible self was trying to come out. 11:59am for the all-day drinking!

Your fired! BTW, what’s up with LoS?

This was 2019’s calendar just as a reference for what the normal TP activities look like as a reminder since it’s been so darn long haha. LoS was that year’s first nightgrass!

I’ll build out the 2022 calendar here: Eventually this will include TP Events, Main Stage schedule, Nightgrass, Transfer Warehouse, Elks Park (are they still going to do stuff there?), etc.

Can we assume Duk Tape will be hosting Crawfish on Sat again, Paul? What about DT Happy hour?

I sent messages to Smitty, Nate, Hooch, and Clayton about their activities. Hopefully they can chime in here!
Update: Paul S says he and Bridger will be connecting soon to lay down their plans.

I’m waiting for this year’s beer sponsor to be announced to extend an invite for the beer share or some other TP activity (like a RaM Happy Hour or somesuch). What do we think of involving STEM for something? I know a number of folks over there.

LOS is free from June 4th to June 23rd. Maybe! Nightgrass! Camp Howdy jams w/ Vince!

It’s a little early to post solid Camp Run-A-Muck events, but I can tell you that super hyper-secret discussions have been underway for a while now. We will finally be able to do a proper Hippie Jerry roast, memorial, and drinking party, which will be announced once we have the jam band and cannon lined up. I’m kind of rusty at this after two years off. Anyone else forget how to have this level of fun??

Could potentially have a Barbosa’s BBQ lunch in there, maybe Sunday? Not sure what time frames are available, but I’m open to the idea!

C’mon man, I refuse to believe you haven’t been planning for this for the past 3 years…too much Frog I suppose.

This would be absolutely incredible. Hit me up if you wanna chat about logistics!

Just to put it out there ,over the last two years we’ve gained a bit of music stage equipment, condenser mics, stands, small PA and mixer. Also battery powered can lights, etc… If anyone needs anything like that for TP camp shows.

The Frog has been aging for the past 3 years. I’m sure it will be delicious.


Oh my … I’m already drooling!! :medal We’re going to be eating beyond amazing at prefest this year… !!! :hop

Lucas, I’m planning on crawfish, unless the Russians bomb the bayous. I’ll check with Kristy and Bevin, but would assume they are planning on happy hour. There are a lot of festivation opportunities this year!! I suppose we can shuffle things around so they all fit nicely.

Thank you so much for working on the spreadsheet Lucas!

Lucas, I can’t seem to get the Google Calendar. Is it just because it’s not ready yet?

Whoops I believe I see what happened. Try clicking on the link again - it should give you a pop up to add the calendar to your google calendar. Lmk if that doesn’t work.

Here’s that link again:

For those of you without a google account you can use the following links:
Viewable webpage:

Rumballs shows Thursday, should be Wed

I think Duk Tape Arts/Crafts Happy Hour (combining duk tape, booze and scissors) is on and normally Tues afternoon approx. 4pm

Nice catch, thank you!

I’ll add this in!