Practical First Timer advice please !

Hi All,

I’m a first timer to Telluride this year and I’m looking for a bit of advice from more seasoned festivarians :slight_smile:
I’m coming from the UK and I don’t drive, so my packing space is going to be limited to my backpack, which I’m aiming to make as light as possible, sooo…
A few questions first of all:
is there a possibility of renting a tent at the festival so that I don’t have to bring my own?
How safe is it to leave you stuff in your tent during the day unattended?
What kind of weather should I expect, ie hot & dry or a tendency for rainstorms and are the nights cold?
how easy is it to get about without a vehicle, when it comes to things like shopping for food & stuff?
which is the best option airport wise? should I fly to Denver ? and how to I get from there to Telluride? Coaches? Trains? Hooking up with other festivarians coming that way?
As you can see, my knowledge so far is pretty limited :wink: So I’d really appreciate some solid advice to make my First Telluride Experience one to remember… :slight_smile:

Thanks for you help!



Read through the “Town Park Virgin” thread first. Then check some of the older threads a few pages back. There’s plenty of the information you’re looking for there.
Be sure to bring clothes for all seasons as it can be hot and dry or cool and wet during the day, and freezing at night. :flower

We’re flyign to denver via Phiili as the flights are dirt cheap at the moment.

Target is a bit like a UK camping store but much cheaper, we’re goona buy most of our gear when we arrive.

Asking advice good idea, but tou will get some kooky advice too !

Good luck.

Kooky, you say???

Bubba, you have noooooooo idea! :lol We haven’t even started yet! :lol

Auntie Hope :festivarian2 :green

bring Bacon!

And bring emergency back-up bacon in case the original bacon somehow goes awry.

Be sure and wear a red coat so we can properly exercise the tea tax and track your status as a festivirgin.

Sacrificial rites are involved.


All jokes aside… I don’t know of any place that rents a tent, but there are plenty of kind festivarians (me included) that bring extra supplies for those in need. :flower
There are plenty of kind folk that would share their kitchen supplies as well for those that couldn’t pack everything.
Whatever you can’t bring, just ask, and I’m sure you’ll get set up.
We are a friendly group here! :cheers

Pace yourself, bring clothes for all weather. Think green and sunscreen… :flower

A list of REI stores in CO and what they rent from each location.



You may want to do a bit of research before you fly Mark. Target is a department store so if you’re lucky you’ll find a tent for occasional use (nothing serious or lightweight). It’s currently much cheaper to buy a decent tent and your gear in the UK because you can shop around and buy online rather than having to buy what you find in Denver.

Very Cool Dustin !

Without wishing to appear smartass, is ‘freezing’ really freezing or is it just very cold relative to daytime temperatures.?
Just wondering how much to prepare for sleeping under canvas in cold conditions.

Yes… it can be.

Last year, I think it got down below 40 the first night I got there. It got warmer over the course of the week or two, but I also made sure to get lots of extra blankets after my sleeping bag failed me.

I have been looking for new gear and yes Target has a full array in any price range and size. I bet you could buy it on line and ship it to Telluride…I think in store availability might be risky(retail is always 1 season ahead)… just a thought.

As for getting around town without a vehcle, everything in town is withing walking distance, and to get to some of the camping grounds (the ones that are 7 miles out such as Mary E.) there are shuttles that take festivarians there. And you aren’t actually allowed a car in town anyway.

Yes, freezing is freezing! We arrived last year on Thursday, the 12th of June. Thursday and Friday nights is was down to 25* F. Believe me, it was COLD, even in a camper for the first two nights.

Saturday morning my tent was set up and after that I was toasty warm, using my own gear. Heads up… if you plan on using an air mattress you ned to use just as many layers of bedding UNDER YOU as OVER YOU! The air in the mattress takes on the outside (or ground) temperture.

Honestly, my gear last year consisted of the following from the inside out:
Silk sleeping bag liner
Sleeping bag
Down comforter wrapped around sleeping bag
Plastic sheeting, half on top of the air mattress, half wrapped around all the bedding
Air Mattress
Tent (thanks KK!)

Can anyone remember what year had the blowing freezing rain and everyone woke up to snow on the tents? (NOT A JOKE!)

Auntie Hope :festivarian2 :green

I think that was 2006 or 2007. It was pretty recent at any rate.

I know it snowed in 1995 as well, after several days of really COLD rain…

Here’s a picture from before festival in 2001. :flower