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I just checked out the online Help page in the menu bar, it has much good information for the newbie.

Any way to hide the “dead” threads? By that I mean, the threads that haven’t been responded to for a while? Also, any way to hide the old responses and only check out the new? Maybe I’m missing something, but every time I get on the forum, it takes me at least an hour to get through all the threads to get to the ones that I haven’t read yet. I have it set up to go right to the last thing I read, and then I just hit “next”, and it takes me to the next topic with the last message I read. Still, it sure would be nice to be able to hide some of that stuff because we are still two months out and I can’t imagine how many more post there will be between now and then! Thanks for the help! Overall GREAT forum, though! :flower

Have you played with the settings in “Profile - Look and Layout Settings” to make it look the way you want? I’ve got some of the boxes checked, but don’t know what it would do if they all were. Give it a try.

Question: at what points do you advance from newbie to small member to the next category, etc. Is it by # of posts or by months/years on list… Oh and by the way Tom, no need to explain why your rating is OLD Timer…that is self explanatory!!! :lol :lol :jester :jester

If I remember correctly, it’s when you make 40 posts, so you’re almost there.
All the categories go by the number of posts, except your rating which is done through the “applaud/smite” by other users. :flower

You can applaud me if you wish. :clap

Thank you your honor!!! I had best applaude thee after that old timer wisecrack, lest I be smote…or is that smitten?

I’d go with ‘smote’. Smitten is more like… “Hiiiii Tommmmm… I sure do like that haaaatttt you’re weaaaarrrring.” :lol Not that it’s a bad thing.

What are these and what happens if a person clicks on them? I think I did click the smite by accident on someone – please accept my heartfelt apology!

You’ll find the answer to that question on the FAQ, and you can alway applaud them back, so no fault. :flower

Saving this thread from auto deletion… just in case. :thumbsup

What is RSS feed icon ment for on the title line of people’s posts?


highlight >copy > open Word > paste > print.

Not possible to print just one post.

Sorry. :flower

I am wondering if anyone knows whether it is okay to have a dog in town park before the festival starts? My friend and I are coming up the Sunday before the festival and want to have our friendly pup with us. Then, once the festival starts, we have made other arrangements. Any wisdom you all can impart on me with regard to this topic would be much appreciated! :thumbsup

This should have been posted under the Telluride Bluegrass Festival part of the forum, but I’ll answer it here.

Once Planet Bluegrass takes over Town Park only service dogs are allowed as there are too many people/cars/trucks. I’ve brought my dog up, but it’s been the week before Planet Bluegrass takes over and then I take him home. :flower

Planet Bluegrass takes over Town Park on Saturday, June 14th, 2008. No dogs are allowed starting June 14th. :thumbsup

Auntie Hope :pickin

Can we split the “Ticket Swap/Exchange” into two groups, Telluride and Rockygrass? I think it would be really helpful to distinguish between the two and many festivarians from scanning through scads of unnecessary postings.

Terry :wave

Why does everyone have applaud and smite EXCEPT me???

I have no idea. :huh

I see your applaud and smite buttons, but I can’t see my own. I think that is the way it works.