Official Bloody Mary Monday 2022 Planning Thread (now with 100% more Mimosas!)

10-4 on the vodka, thanks Paul. I think we’re good on EZ up for bloodies but we’ll prob use it for beer share. I’d definitely use the table if you can swing that.

It’s a bloody mary morning, baby left me without warning sometime in the night… so im drivin down to telluride, forgetting her the nature of drive. CAN’T WAIT

We in Camp Maple Alley can rustle up a couple cans of tomato juice and Worcestershire sauce. Also a bottle of bubbly.

Thank you Jeri!

Here’s what’s left as of this posting:
6 46 oz Tomato Juice
3 12oz Tabasco
1 Jar Horseradish (not creamy)
3 8oz Bottles Lime Juice
1 Fifth Vodka
Lotsa Champagne

Paul, don’t worry. I’ll get you two bottles of Buckeye.

The people of Camp Woodwave (name contested) will bring the remaining 6 tomato juice and a bottle of champagne.

Awesome, thanks Elliot! Look forward to seeing y’all again!

Lucas, I’ll have 2 bottles of prosecco, 1 OJ and 1 cranberry.

Cranberry!? Delicious.

Thanks Paulie! :love

We can be fancy! :butterfly

Howdy all!

Just 3 Mondays from today and we’ll be hanging out in Town Park for Bloodies and Mimosas!!

We have a few needs left to put everything together. Please see the list below and let us know if you can contribute!

*Tabasco Sauce 12oz (need 3 more)
*Jar Horseradish (not creamy) (need 1 more)
*8oz bottle Lime Juice (need 3)
*Champagne (could use a good number of these)

Thanks in advance and I look forward to hanging with all of you! :slight_smile:

Hi! Camp Good Wookin’ will bring two champagnes, one tobasco, the last jar of horse radish and also some tequila for those who want bloody Marias. Will drop before Monday :slight_smile:

Awesome! Thank you very much!

FYI we pre mix a biggole batch of bloodies from the donations but I always have a spare bottle of zing zang floating around for this reason (and for virgin bloodies but I don’t know why someone would choose to drink tomato juice without alcohol in it :huh)

I went ahead and picked up 2 tomato juice, so there will be back-up.

I’m happy to bring a couple of bottles of champagne and two 8 oz. bottles of lime juice to add to the festivities.

Can’t wait to meet everyone! :wave

Well that’s awfully nice of you, thanks! Can’t wait to meet you!

Remaining needs:
1 8oz bottle lime juice
1 12oz bottle Tabasco
Few more champagnes

I’m getting bloody excited!

whoooo hoooo! we’ll round out the remaining lime juice and tabasco! :burn :cheers


Hell yes, thanks Lauren!

Not sure why I just now noticed the “now with 100% more mimosas part”, but that made me laugh. :lol :lol :cheers

I’ll snag some bottles of champagne