Official Bloody Mary Monday 2022 Planning Thread (now with 100% more Mimosas!)

Here we go again - let’s kick off the 2022 planning with some BMM(+M) action!

What: Bloody Mary Bar & Mimosas
Wait, what!?: That’s right, we’re adding Mimosas this year
When: Monday June 13th 10am to Noon (or until supplies or patrons are exhausted)
Where: Town Park Bathhouse

This longstanding tradition is 100% donation supported and hosted by Debbie (Debbiefromtucson), occasionally the mysterious being known only as “Swander99”, and yours truly.

We’re all set for donations for 2022, thank you for everyone who contributed!

Please bring your contributions to Debbie or me before Monday morning. Debbie is usually by the bathrooms, pink elephant flag. I’m in “Camp Trailer Smash” up by the waterfall. Thanks for your donations so we can keep this tradition going!

Bring Your Own Cup/Metal or Compostable Straw!!

Can’t wait to see you all!

Cheers :cheers

2022 Events Calendar:
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I can bring (2) worcestershire sauce bottles & (2) jars of horseradish

My man!

Count us for 1 vodka, and 1 tomato juice.

The Skubeses are in for a handle of vodka :cheers

That’s the spirit (get it?!)

I know I’m a newbie but I’ll bring a bottle. What brand of vodkas do folks normally bring?

Newbies welcome! :welcome

Just don’t bring Skol or something bottom of the barrel but we shouldn’t be dumping any swanky stuff into bloodies either. Nothing flavored please.

Yeah, save the Skol for the rumballs! :lol :lol

I can bring a bottle of Buckeye Vodka and a can of tomato juice. Also some Carolina Reapers if someone wants to really spike up their drinks.
See you there by the new bathhouse.

Booya!! Thank you, sir!

FYI, we’re now full up on Vodka. Plenty more stuff to go. Again, please look here for what we still need (don’t forget about champagne for the mimosas)!

Camp HulaGanz will cover a 5-gallon batch of Mary’s again.

thanks Lucas. :wave


P.S.- hmmmm…I thought the plural of Skubes was Skubi ???

Super generous as always, Paul! We’re already set on vodka so I have you down for 5 Tomato juice, 1 worchersherasdlrraoisudshire, 1 lime juice, and 1 tabasco. Do you think I could snag your Ramen EZ up the morning after to use for bloodies again? In planning our camp I think all of ours are going to be spoken for. If not I can probably find one somewhere else so no worries.

Now I can only think of “Skubi Diving” and I’m not sure what to make of that information :eek :eek :eek

Yes Lucas, Bridger uses 2 10’x10’ canopies for slingin’ noods, only one stays up after Sunday Ahmen Ramen, so it’s available for bloodies. I think we put it up back if necessary for bottle share then it goes into the festival as part of shade world.


Outstanding. Thank you.

Btw, we’ll almost def need that for the Beer Share again. Speaking of which, sending a message to the bottle share planning group!

We will also be bringing an extra I believe 12x12 eazy-up, that will not be used in camp. Available for beer share, bloodies, or any other event needing extra shade. Lets hope we only need them for shade and not shelter from hail!


Sometimes I forget how cold and hail-y 2019 was

I was told there would be no math!

Yo brother of the Smash! FYI - The Buckeye vodka is typically a fifth not a handle. I also have an extra easy up and possibly an 8’ table if we need it. I’ll wait to see what is lacking, but really cool to expand with mimosas!