No Glass In Warner?

Is it totally banned or can you bring bottles in and pour beers into cups? I guess Dale’s or Modelo Especial in cans will have to be the call. Any other descent canned beer out there or other suggestions?

Forgot about Bittburger (sp?)

I like Newcastle Brown Ale, which comes in cans as well as bottles, but it is pricey.

:wave head on down t your local homebrew store and purchase a 3 gallon keg with small co2 charger that uses small cartrtidges (you only need to push the beer), fill it with beer from a local brew pub, drop it in a 5 gallon round cooler, tap the keg with a thumb valve, cover with ice, and pour. I use compostable cornstarch cup for my guests and my own “special” beer cup for myself :thumbsup


Fat Tire soon to be available in cans

not sure when it will be available…but FYI.


Edit: I checked with our New Belgium folks, and as of now, the cans will hopefully be in most places that carry NBBrews (most places in CO) in early June. So you should be able to stop somewhere on your way to festival to grab a 12 pack…or 10…of some canned Fat Tire.

This is downright brilliant!

[ use compostable cornstarch cup for my guests and

Anyone going to be able to get a supply of these this year? We would like to have some on hand for the Bloody’s…

I like your style dude.

I’d be happy to make a group buy of cornstarch based eating and drinking utensils. I could have it drop shipped to Telluride during abgat week. Contact me by PM if you’re interested.


I called New Belgium yesterday to see if Fat Tire was going to be available in cans in time for TBF. The woman I spoke with said yes, but that it might be a good idea for those of us on the Front Range to make a road trip to Fort Collins to the brewery to pick it up. So yes, it’s coming, but I don’t know how widely distributed it will be in time for the Festival.

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Now, let’s see, if you’re headed to the Fort, I’ll take 4 cases. Can I pay you when we get there? :cheers

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He and his crew (I’m looking at you, Kaptain) really wrote the book on how to throw a quality camp, with style, and now they’re leading the way to low impact festivation! I mean it - I wanna be just like Run-a-Muck when I grow up!

So maybe you guys can tell me the scoop for Warner. This is our first time camping there - we’ve been in Town Park for Blues and Brews and Lawson for TBF last year, but never Warner. If we can’t bring glass at all, that means no peanut butter jars, no bottles of salad dressing, and most importantly, no wine bottles! Any suggestions on how to improvise?

Suggestions for decent boxed wine?

My good canned beer search is thus far limited to Oskar Blues’ Dale’s and Old Chub and NBB Fat Tire. Does anyone know of others?

Thanks for the love, Auntie Hope!

I have never stayed in Warner but those screw-on Ziploc storage containers are great for stuff like salad dressings, peanut butter etc…

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I have to admit… there is probably a jar of peanut butter in the food box… but at least the peanut butter will hold the glass together if it gets cracked!

We have been known to pour a bottle of wine from the store into a plastic jug at the entrance to the camp. No need to go with boxed wine.

beer is always better in glass it seems, I’d be tempted to try the new fat tire cans, if they’re available…
I’m more concerned about the OTHER kind of glass piece we might have w/ us :lol

Actually the light that passes thru glass reacts with the hops and makes any beer “skunky”… that’s why the beers in clear bottles taste like… well, skunk butts! Green bottles only block 80% of the light and brown 90%. No light gets thru a can. The cans today are much different and do not impart a metallic taste at all. Mostly its an old urban myth and our own preconceptions that the bottles taste better. The cans use less energy to tranport and are very easily and efficiently recylable.

And don’t forget the wonderful beers from the first microbrewery in America to switch to cans!! Lyons Colorado’s own Oscar Blues. Try their Dales Pale Ale, Gordon’s, Old Chub Scottish, and the Ten Fiddy Imperial Stout. The last three are all higher alcohol beers. Their assistant brewer Mike Hall is a Camp Flamingo alumni and good friend. The Ten Fiddy is his recipe…it’s 10.5% alcohol and $10.50 cents for a 4-pack. Its some awesome stuff! If you live near Lyon’s they also put it in those little 1.3 gallon kegs like you see Heinenken in.

I just read on the paper that came with our tickets that there are no tent stakes in Warner either? Seriously? How does one go about keeping a tent from becoming a kite?


(can we go yet?)

None, or none over 6 inches long?
Once you have your clothes, bedding, instruments, etc. in the tent it’s not going to go anywhere unless there’s gale force winds. :cheers