Am I stupid or am I missing something? Are Nightgrass passes available yet?

Not yet! Be patient! :flower
The Planet will announce them in due time. :cheers

sssshhhhh ::railroad earth at the sheridan::…


… and me riding that rail, like a true hobo!!!


Railroad Sheridan would be saweeeeeeet!

I hope Greensky or Cornmeal are put on the nightgrass lineup as well.

Get outta my brain, Peej… No wonder I always liked ya!


I was under the impression that all 2009 tickets go on sale Dec 10. Apparently, this is not the case for the Nightgrass all-venue tickets. Does anyone know when they’ll be available?
I have to make sure that I get the maximum dosage of festivarianistic pleasure… :band :rock :pickin :cheers

Nightgrass was annoucned last year in early april and went on sale just a couple days after they were annoucned! :thumbsup

God I wish I were 21

Yeah me too :lol

That made me laugh, your one of my new favorite people

Ohhhh shucks…21,51,same thing. :flower

,61, oops, I’m 62. :wink: Still young at heart though. :flower

My point exactically!!

Nightgrass shows are fun and when you turn 21 they will still be there… :flower
The Sheridan is THE BEST nightgrass venue IMO. So when yer ready friend choose wisely…

I’ll be 21 someday… I mean I was only twelve at my first TBF… :lol


I was trying to figure out if the poster was under 21 or they were wishing for the energy level you have at 21 so they could still go all day and all night festivating hard…

Wish I was 21 too!

Sweet Stuff errr I mean HotSugar is 17 and has 1 TBF under his or her belt. That’s the way to get after it!!.. :horsey :horsey :dog

Yup, Landshark’s got it down, kept thinking about a fake ID but not sure where to get one, I’ll be there with my two brothers, one of whom is 24 so I will be tortured on the way back to Montana with stories about the amazing sets. Just recently my Brother got to see Tony Furtadoat a bar where he lives, about 6 hours away from where I do, and I wasn’t willing to drive that far with the possibility of not being able to sneak in, and of course he was so kind as to send me videos and sound clips all night, which have since become my primary ringtone :lol

And just for the record, I am a boy

:wave there will be plenty o music to go round no worries. 21 will come fast , you watch…
I wonder if all nightgrass shows are 21 and over?