NightGrass Speculation Here....

So, who do you think (hope) will be doing NightGrass shows this year? I saw Trampled By Turtles at the high school last time they were here, and the show was amazing. We missed out on the Infamous Stringdusters show at Fly Me to the Moon Saloon, so I hope there is a chance that they will be playing again, too.


I’m thinking (hoping) we’ll get an Infamous Stringdusters show at the Sheridan (especially if it’s the same night that M&S play if they are indeed going to be on the line up).

Elephant Revival seems likely, as does Trampled.

Punch Brothers usually play a Sunday night Sheridan set.

I also hope to see SCR do a Nightgrass, but seeing as how they’re playing the very next night in CT with Steve Martin, I doubt that’s going to happen (maybe a first grass show?).

I"d love to see LoS do a show at the Sheridan Opera House. The Palm was a lot of fun, but I’d love to see them in a smaller, more intimate venue.

Yonder @ Conf center on Wed plus someone for the first grass & Yonder @ SOH one night most likely

maybe a Travelin’ McCourys nightgrass if they cant make it in for a full show!


I’d love to see leftover get a late night as well, but kind of doubt that it will be at the Sheridan since they are already playing there twice this month. Who knows we can still hope though :cheers

I know who will be playing Nightgrass for FREE in Town Park :cheers

Very cool! Got any music for them? I cant recall that mando player’s name, but he saw me take quite the fall last year at camp… :lol

That’s Johnny Miller on the mando. No music yet, but hopefully ill be getting one of our upcoming shows on tape.

Im thinking we might get a noam pikelny and friends I hope so!!!

Infamous @ FM2TM
Steep Canyon Rangers

:thumbsup :thumbsup :thumbsup :thumbsup :thumbsup

Can someone that has been there give me a list of the usual nightgrass locations so I can investigate? Thanks :wave

Here ya go…good luck in the lottery! :cheers (Dusters @ SOH, please?)

Thanks, I saw that on the site after posted that. There is a lottery for Nightgrass? Damn! I missed out on Town Park and Warner Field lottery. I really hope to go to Nightgrass. This is my first Telluride and I’m coming all the way from Ohio. Kinda a bucklist thing, but I hope to be back, but probably won’t be for some years. I want the full experience. I’m over not camping on site, but I hope to God I get to go to late night shows. I’m definitely the go all night type :slight_smile:

Only some of the shows are sold via online lottery, the Yonder SOH sow being the one that jumps instantly to mind. Most of the shows will not be sold via a lottery, unless the planet has changed the Nightgrass system this year.

Last year both the SOH and FMTTM shows were lottery, weren’t they? Palm shows were not, as well as the YMSB Conf Ctr show on Wed. (which sold out pretty fast?) So to me, that is most of the NG shows that were in the lottery…gotta get ready… :cheers

yep, all those were lottery last year. I’m hoping for a Lake Street Dive late night. That band is incredible.

I just saw two nights of Stringdusters at the Fox in Boulder and they totally blew my mind hole. Just incredible. They gotta do a NightGrass show.

The Dusters also tend to “make the rounds” when playing in camping situations. They strolled around in the campgrounds at the Four corners Folk Fest a couple of times. What a surprise to walk into a tent and see them up close and personal!

Seeing as I only went to Salmon at the Palm and Yonder’s Kick Off, I’m by no mans an expert. I’d listen to Swander and Yojo on this one.