NightGrass Announcements?

I was just watching some Trampled By Turtles on youtube and it got me to wondering…shouldn’t the NightGrass announcements be coming out soon? My fingers are starting to cramp - they’ve been crossed since the day it was announced TBT would be joining us in box canyon.

How do you go about getting tickets to Nightgrass? This is my first time…

Tickets for nightgrass are offered much in the same way as the 4 day passes. Don’t hesitate on buying the tickets for the shows you want to see. I think Drew Emmitt and Friends sold out in about 9 minutes last year. Nightgrass shows complete the Telluride experience. Don’t miss them!

Yeah…I missed the on-sale last year for Drew, but I still made it in there! :wink:

Nightgrass wont be announced until after the single day lineups are released. If memory serves, it’s usually in April.

Got it in the right thread this time., which is usually reliable, is now listing Railroad Earth at the Sheridan on Thursday 6/16.

I am a Newby as well :wave

I’m a lil confused. If you enter the lottery for an all venue pass and get one, do you still need to get a ticket for individual shows?

No - if you don’t get an all-venue pass, you get in to all of the shows, though I’m not totally sure what the “space permitting” rule is… I think PBG probably does a good job of ensuring that passholders get a spot.

I had an all-venue pass last year and I did not get into one show at the Sheridan so my advice, if you do score one of those passes, is to get to the venue (particularly the Sheridan) as close as possible to show time. I showed up late waiting for a friend and I got shut out because the show was oversold.

Not to underscore Crooked Still and other bands that didn’t play Sheridan, but that’s unfortunate man. Sorry to have sounded so sure :huh

Yeah, I was pretty shocked by it and obviously less than thrilled. That said, I still hope to score another all-venue pass this year. :thumbsup

The Sheridan is consistently oversold on all shows, its pretty terrible. My girlfriend and I both walked out on the Punch Brothers show halfway through because the place was packed to the gill with people more interested in talking than listening to the music. Chris tried to get the crowd to bring things down a couple times, but the crowd wasn’t having any of it, so we left. Its an unfortunate incident, but not uncommon to that venue in my experience the past few years.

I’ll try…
IF you have an All Venue Pass you DO NOT need any other ticket for the Night Grass Shows. However, as we all have now read, your All Venue Pass DOES NOT GUARANTEE you entrance to all shows advertised. These shows are general admission, first come, first served with a possible mind blowing show!

Now, if you do not get and AVP, THEN YOU WILL need to purchase/find/beg-for/hunt SINGLE SHOW NIGHTGRASS TICKETS.

Better? :slight_smile:

Auntie Hope :festivarian2 :green

Not to be greedy BUT, how about a nightgrass announcement leak :wave!!

Sorry, but we’re still a couple weeks away from any NightGrass announcements.

It’ll be well worth the wait…

I would like to see…

Trampled by Flecktones
Railroad Flamekeepers
The Mumford Medicine Show
Punch and The Dukes

Then again, the Infamous Decemberist wouldn’t be a bad show either. Too bad we can’t have Hot Buttered Turtles.

:popcorn :popcorn :popcorn :popcorn :popcorn :popcorn :popcorn

Auntie Hope :festivarian2 :green

here’s a question from someone who doesn’t know to someone who might. do they always pull the latenight acts from the lineup or will they bring in someone else for just that latenight show? i know other festys use bands from the lineup but you never know, this is TBF! :slight_smile:

they do both – mostly, it’s bands (or people from bands) that are already playing, but last time i went, cornmeal played a nightgrass and wasn’t on the TBF mainstage bill.

thanks zack. thats what i was hoping. still holding out hope greensky sneaks onto the bill somehow.

The nightgrass shows seem to ALWAYS end up as excellent collaborations and/or special guest who may or may not be on the TBF lineup. In other words, pretty good idea to go to nightgrass shows!! :lol