NightGrass 2023 - Let's Play A Game

Hi y’all!

I know the 2023 NightGrass topic is H-O-T right now, so I created a game to help leak our excitement out to our most valued Festivarians! Thank you for utilizing our Forum and we appreciate all of you!

P.S. If someone posts the correctly completed puzzle, I’ll share the daily NG schedule.

P.S.S. Quoted hints are titles of popular songs by the artist.

Best of luck!

  • BluegrassNat :sunflower:


for the computer illiterate, how do you fill it out?

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Unfortunately, you’ll need to print it out!

Lmk if you can’t download the image to print.

I’m only missing 4 down and 2 across, and have no idea what they could be!

Scratch that. Figured out 4 down!

2 across is just nightgrass I think!

I’m only missing 11 down.


Yeah, I figured it out right after I posted. It was literally staring at me right at the top of the page!

You beat me to it! I just came on to upload mine. :grinning:


Took me a second to figure out what “bluegrassevf” was haha.

Haha, yeah that’s my chicken scratch for ya!

Way to go @sweetduder!

Thanks for playing everyone!

We will send a formal announcement to all ticket holders with further information before the end of this week.

Happy planning!

– BluegrassNat :sunflower:


Thanks @BluegrassNat hope we get to meet during fest! You’ve been exceptionally awesome Thank you so much for catering to us weirdos!


So only 2 nightgrass acts per night?

What a fun community. Really appreciate the work the organizers put in to make it fun.


No McCourys at the Sheridan?

That is correct, only 2 NightGrass acts per night!

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Unfortunately, not this year!

Does clue #9 mean Bella white is first grass?

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Sweeeeeeet. One step closer to fest! Thanks Natalie

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