new tents

I have been the object of observation, so as I laugh , I remember, if you laugh at yourself, you will never cease to be amused. I have watched, (more than I should, I suppose), people take out a tent that they have never seen and proceed to try to put it together. If it is going to be difficult, I suggest you have a couple of drinks before making the attempt. I think the only thing worse is to try to put up a tent for someone else that is missing the main pole or most of the stakes. Be sure to throw away the directions, especially if it is complicated. Not only will you amuse yourself, you can keep a wide variety of your cohorts amused as well.

I can make this one better! If you would like some prefestival amusement you can come watch me put my tent up one handed! No- not because the other will be occupied holding a beverage, but because it will be in a cast! :thumbsup

Should be quite entertaining!!


Just extend that beverage to the cute guys camped next to you, let them know you’re not from this elevation :flower and show them your cast, and that tent will be up in no time. :cheers
P.S. I hope your cast is new and unmarked so you can get it signed by all the great musicians that do the meet and greets. :hug

Good idea about getting the cast signed!! It won’t be so new at that point-but I’ll keep it unmarked!!

I set up my new Cabela’s tent a few days ago on a trial run.
Now I have a bruise that runs all the way around my hand where the hammer didn’t quite hit it’s mark on the stakes. :eek
I won’t make that mistake again. :wink:

I’m bring a lawn chair abd a couple of barley pops to watch this! :cheers :lol :cheers :lol

Im your Man Blythe!

I guess I’ll have to practice before I play

when we make fools of ourselves, we know there is a joker in the deck.

I think I really am getting over this shy thing and really do not care how I appear to others…this tent set up will be fun, win or otherwise… I think I’m starting to believe in myself or it’s my age :lol :lol

Fleck it, ya only live once, go for it, let the neighbors laugh :flower

if you can’t laugh at yourself, you’ve got no business laughing at others!

If you haven’t made a mistake putting up a tent, you need a new tent. If you are too efficient setting up camp, you need a break. If you can’t remember where you put something, the festivarian spirit is near. When you stop what you are doing and have a beer, you can hear the echo “FFFFEEEEESSSTTTTIIIIIVAL!!!” and it is soon time to laugh.

I LOVE the idea of throwing out the instruction and have such a blast setting up tents without the instructions for others! It starts my week of fun off right!

:lol :lol :lol WE DON’T NEED NO STINKIN’ INSTRUCTIONS!!! :lol :lol :lol Love it!!

Kinda like driving in a new city or town without a map, but tents require an audience.

Thanks Ron!

On a serious note, How much of a tent do I need.

I have a great mountain hardware 3 season 2 man that just wouldn’t be the most comfortable with our clothes and whatnot.

I want to get a new 4ish man tent, but don’t want to pay much more than 100 for it (I am well aware that you get what you pay for with items like tents). This brings me to the question, “How much tent do I need.”

Would I be comfortable in the 90 dollar coleman with a shaded but not enclosed vestibule, or should I try to get something a little more?

Any input out there in festivarian land?

Thanks for your time.

Also if I get a new tent you can watch me set it up for the first time. Maybe even in the dark on Tuesday!

As much tent as you can carry, which in our case means not alot :cheers