Need advice - am I about to get scammed

Hi there fellow festavarians. I am looking to purchase a Mary E vehicle pass for TBF this year. I had someone reach out on the forum and say that they would happily sell theirs to me and wanted to exchange currency via zelle. How have you all ensured you aren’t going to get scammed when doing this? I kindly asked the seller to please send me a screenshot of their See Tickets dashboard (just the dash not the tickets themselves) so I can verify that they actually have a Mary E pass before I send the money over. I sent easy instructions on how to do that, kindly explained why I felt that was important, and thanked them for the potential exchange. They got pretty upset and said that they “don’t have to convince me before I believe them,” which also seems like a pretty suspect response to me given the vibe I know to be true of the festavarian culture. Was I off base in asking for that verification? Any advice on how to best exchange tickets digitally would be greatly appreciated! Thanks :slight_smile:

Yes this sounds quite suspect. Please review the following post and go with option 1 to avoid getting scammed. I’ve also PM’d you asking for the username of the scammer so I can remove their account.


This post is extremely helpful - thank you so, so much! Appreciate it!


Yes you are being scammed. Don’t do it. Follow advice from Lucas above

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As a follow up to this, this was a scammer on our radar and we’ve disabled their account and have taken other measures to prevent them from setting up another one.

Please continue to report suspicious interactions so we can help keep this site as tight as possible!


Great work team :clap::clap::clap::clap:

Thanks to the un-scammed for reporting it, and to the Planet for quickly squashing the suspect account.

Similar thing happened to me…I wrote back and said I either need proof of purchase, or the camping passes in my account ! So far, I havem’t heard back!

What was the username of this person who contacted you?