How are the mosquitos this year? Sounds like it has been a “wet” year , so I’m assuming it will be a bad year?

It has been pretty wet for sure. I was camping last weekend near Telluride around 10,000 ft and it was very swampy but still too cold for mosquitoes but am sure they’ll be around in Town Park a bit. It’s never real bad though.

At Walmart I found some organic bug spray that is safe on kids. Just throwin’ it out there that they have it since bug spray is so toxic. And bug bites suck.

Stock up on citronella candles… :thumbsup


They also say that Irish spring soap is somewhat repellant.

Also taking Garlic supplements.

I am somewhat of a mosquito magnet.

My parents remember the days chasing the DEET truck down the street as the city fogged for insects. We turned out OK (mostly).

If you ask Kimmy Jo she will tell you that Irish Spring is also a woman repellent!

4 out of 5 dentists say that drinking Crunchy Frog will kill 97% of mosquitoes who bite you almost instantly.

Does anybody want to buy a whole bunch of un-used soap?



I have heard that keeping some fabric softener sheets on you helps, but I only tried it once & couldn’t really tell if it did. I can’t imagine Telluride having a worse mosquito situation then here in FL, so I’m not gonna worry! (Now watch me get all bit up while I’m out there.)

Another good method is to take vitamin B-12. It’s supposed to keep nasty, biting bugs away

I happen to like the smell of irish spring fresh out da’ shower! use it on up, Bevin! :wink:

oh BTW my sis is an herbalist, and will be bringing her “big juice” with her (maybe to sell?), which consists of a base of:

vodka (1 oz)
aged witch hazel tincture (1 oz)
10 drops cat nip essential oil (some studies show it’s more powerful than deet, and oh so natural)
1oz water
5 drops lavender essential oil
5 drops eucalyptus essential oil
5 drops peppermint essential oil
optional addition for black flies: lemon grass essential oil (5-7 drops)
optional addition for tics, 5-7 drops rose jeranium

dat’s pretty much it. :flower

Tell Sis, I want some to buy w/ extra for tics when we head east…
I’m hoping Matthew is over his mosquito phobia… It was sooooooo bad a few years ago… We do not have mosquitos in Tucson and we went through a period of time ( probably when all the news was about West Nile) when he would wake up screaming every night about mosquitos… This went on for over a year or so…

Will it work on Mika??? The ticks have been something fierce this year and we need a good herbal repellent. The over the counter meds make a puppy toxic and destroy her kidneys over time.

Put me down for some!!!


jessica made an entire cat/dog first aid kit, I’ll ask about what she has for tick repellent!

Hell, in Alaska it was our after-shave. It’s called 'ode to cutters" :lol Great stuff and them critters really don’t like it!
And if you don’t sit still, they can’t catch you. They do really like people that eat bacon, though!
:hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop
Dancing time!

Screw the mosquitos bring on the bacon :pig

Bring on the Bacon Bra’s! That will scare any mosquito away. The only drawback may be that it does atract Hooches.

I like the way you think. We should invent a bacon-based repellant.

Best removal method for ticks, whether it be on a person or a pet, is to put some liquid soap (dish washing liquid works) on a cotton ball… soak the tick for a few minutes… it’ll fall off in the ball and you can throw it or flush it. :flower