Meeting up at TBG 2011

Alright fellow Heartlanders…lets start talking about it now. Where to hook up while @ TBF.

:wave We’ll be there, somewhere, anywhere, wherever is good. It’s all good! CU there! :wave
:cheers :thumbsup :cheers :thumbsup :cheers :thumbsup :cheers :thumbsup :cheers :thumbsup :cheers :thumbsup :cheers

We’re in, representing the Central region of the Midwest!

Where is the “Central” region of the midwest anyway? :huh :lol We are coming from St. Louis.

What is this “TBG 2011” you speak of UJ? :lol

You know… “Tell Billyberuwhereto Go”! :lol :rolleyes :cheers

Ok, where??? :wink:

Let’s say Central US, Belleville, Kansas.

:wave He wants to see the Festivaaaaaal!!
TBF in Tride,Co by PB? :cheers


:cheers New Belgium Tent? :cheers


The New Begium tent seems to be a logical meeting place for a group of midwestern festivarians. I mean, who doesn’t like beer? :cheers

I’ll also throw this out there. For the past 2 years, my Cleveland friends and I have set up our Kelty’s at the intersection of the main isle going toward the stage and the main isle that runs in front of the merch tent, etc. - way in the back of the crowd, but really close to the beer!

Look for us flying a Browns or Cleveland Indians flag. We’re always up for visitors and you’re all welcome to share our shade if you need a break from the sun. The more the merrier.

Hi Rob! :wave Never a bad time to meet up at the “RANGER” tapper :flower, in my humble opinion that is. We like to tarp just right of the sound booth, right in front of the path. Will be flying an upside-down gold&purple horn, sticking out of a 10’ snowdrift, inside our deflatable dome :eek. (the other side of our flag will be the sweet “Minnie&Paulie” Twins flag.) :cheers
Is time to leave soon? :bash Nope. :sorry

We’ll be looking for you guys! The first Ranger is on me. Living in OH, we can’t get New Belgium products so I make sure to get my fill when we get to CO.

We’re heading to T-ride to ski from 2/4 to 2/12 but I still can’t wait until June!

:thumbsup NICE! I haven’t been skiing in Tride since the Gold Hill lift was added, and now Revelation Bowl sounds awesome! The Plunge is one of all time favs. Have a great week! We’ll be doing spring break (3/13) in Vail/Beav and maybe to Aspen to visit friends. Can’t wait for that, but my brain is always packin’ for TBF… :cheers CU @ the RANGER tent!

Useless: plain white envelope from Lyons, CO is on it’s way…SKOL! :wave

SWANDER…dont know how to thank you…oh yeah now I remember, A Ranger a day!

Anyone heading to TBF from the Salina, KS area? We’ll be leaving on 6/14 and arriving 6/15 to set camp in Warner. Anyone leaving the same time frame?

:wave I know that this is the slow time of year but lets keep this going folks!

What’s the matter UJ tired of counting the days ? :sorry :lol How many days till we meet again?