Mary E campground festivarians here! Who else will be joining us?!

Thanks my friend for all your helpful information

We are looking for 3 camping passes

We are looking for 3 camping passes if anyone can help

Hey Todd, wonder if you would be open to a quick chat? So many question as a first timer and friends from out of state joining so want to be prepared? Any chance I can call you? My email is if possible. Thanks! Alicia

I messaged you, or you can email me at

We will be there again with 4 this year! Can’t wait to see everyone again. Nothing beats a week camping at Mary E. And a weekend of bluegrass friends and family. Year 11 for us and no looking back!

small charcoal grills are OK in Ilium, right??

I dont believe so, they say no open flame but then they say propane fire pits are ok so now i guess i am not sure

my understanding is propane only

I just sent you an email. You seem to have good information!

If anyone is willing to include a 25 year old first timer and grab a space for a 2 person tent, let me know. Can’t get off work to get there until Thursday. Have 2 4-day passes with camping at Mary E, as well as a vehicle pass. Thank you!

This first-timer will be at Mary E with a vehicle pass, probably arriving Sunday. It’s been a while since I’ve camped. Just upgraded some of my 30+ year-old gear with this weekend’s REI sale.

The vehicle rules say it has to stay in place once parked, but there isn’t a shuttle until Wednesday. Can we come and go to get supplies, attend events in town through Tuesday?

For anyone curious about the shower situation, I just spoke with Planet Bluegrass and they mentioned that the showers in the high school are not available. There are showers in Town Park attached to the swimming pool. There’s a machine to convert dollar bills to tokens, which you can use for the showers.


Thanks for the shower info!

I think that is a great question i was wondering the same thing, if I get there early enough to get a good parking spot and i lose that spot if i move how to we get to town park to take part in TP prefest events if the shuttle doesn’t start running until wednesday?

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you can go back and forth to cars parked along road, you don’t have to drive in and out of Mary E.

I think she meant getting to and from Telluride before Wednesday when the shuttles start. And I am assuming the answer is yes, if she gets a good parking spot at Mary E, but then chooses to drive into Telluride, she could/probably will lose that spot and will have to repark wherever she can upon her return.

we will be there with our 8 year old son, does anyone have one more camping ticket for this campground?

There are some for sale here: BELOW FACE (TWO) 4-day passes. Includes camping @ Mary E. Ilium Campground

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good question. I will be doing the same thing. @bluegrassnat can you help?