Let's talk BEER!

Are our friends at New Belgium providing the beers at this year’s Telluride:

Fat Tire, Sunshine, 1554 etc???

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New Belgium is on the list of sponsers

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:cheers  I long for a Fat Tire each year since we can't get it out here on the east coast.... :cheers

Just another reason to move West !!
I can walk a block to get a 6 pack of Fat Tire anytime


Do you still love it as much as the non-blessed folks who are toiling it out back East or do you take it for granted?

I never cross the Mississippi coming back from Arkansas without loading down the truck with New Belgium products. :cheers

I used to do that with Coors back in the 80’s!

The Kaptain :cheers

oh no We are truly the blessed ones living out here !!

I’m not typically a beer drinker but I do LOVE Fat Tire. Why? I don’t know. I just know what I like.

Hooch what sucks is that I have a cppl Bottles in my fridge now, all this talk about Fat Tire
makes me want a sip or two , but alas Im getting ready for work , oh well there is always tonight !


That was when Coors was real…man that stuff tasted good. I loved the can with the two “push in” tabs as opposed to the pull off tabs. Aaahhh, the memories!!


Not only am I a festivirgin…I’ve never tried Fat Tire. (It’s that east coast thing) But judging from these posts I will try it as soon as I land in CO, promise.

I have been drinking quite a few CO microbrews…figure it will help me adjust to the altitude :thumbsup

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In years past the New Belgium had at least two and possibly three or four different types of brew. Usually Fat Tire, Sunshine Wheat and I believe last year they had a limited edition brew that was awful nice! We should talk to the New Belgium people and see if they would do a limited run special brew just for the TBF! Trust me though, whatever they put out is absolutely fantastic - one of the best brewery’s out there and you cannot beat their social and environmental records. 100% wind powered, and I think they take the heat from their processing and use it to keep their offices warm in the winter.

One of my favorite brewing sessions… Kaptain on the left. Hippie on the right.

Aren’t you going to introduce us to the REST of your friends Karl?


I was thinking the same thing Ronnie. Maybe Wind, nature, Desert, I don’t know. Karl, are those the High Sierra Puppets and where the :huh are you? Ronnie, I’m sure you’ll get your tickets. I don’t know why, I’m also hoping to get the three I need.


Wookie that is good stuff about NBB’s environmental stewardship. New Belgium has been wind powered since 1998. New Belgium also has on on-sit Water Process Treatment Plant which captures the methane and it gets used to run the brewery about 5% of the time. Thus making the brewery run on 100% renewable energy.

I am excited for those of you traveling from the East! New Belgium makes GREAT beer!!!


NBB was on the National evening news tonight because of their “green” practices. The lead-in was “A Different Kind of Green Beer”.

:cheers to NBB!

Hope Lin :pickin

Inside sources tell me the beers will be Fat Tire, Sunshine Wheat, 1554, Skinny Dip and Saturday only the new organic beer, Mothership Wit.

Here is the NBC feature