Leftover show at the Boulder Theater

Who’s going to do the cajun slamgrass thing on Saturday?


“Polyethnic Cajun Slamgrass” :wink:

I will be there and so will CSI Mike. A pre-concert festi would be great if anyone knows of a conveniently located watering hole.

I will be there.
Go to the Mountain Sun Pub and Brewery, right around the corner to the Boulder Theater.
In between 15th and 16th on the north side of Pearl st.
Best beer in town, in my opinion.

been there in the past will second that !

More Hops please


Go there!

The place kind of looks like this:


(modified by Telluride Tom to show the picture rather than the link)

Well, it sounds like there are several votes for that place so that’s where I’ll go. Thanks for the suggestion.

I suggest the Colorado Kind.
A super hoppy beer that tastes so refined… I don’t know its like a flavor explosion, but not overpowering. They’re doing something right over there at Mountain Sun.
Sometimes they have that beer on Nitro tap… so kinda like a Guinness, but not the stout part. Just the Nitrogen… Awesome!


Have fun man, and maybe we’ll see ya there, I know I am psyched.



yes and yes, mountain sun and salmon…a winning combo, see ya there folks

Okay, the show is coming up in a couple days!!! Roll call! Who all is going?

Michelle and Steve are flying up from Tucson! Already feeling more like we do now then we did before :wink:
We will try and get to the Mtn Sun preshow for a tasty brew

We did not get drawn for TBF this year if anyone comes across 2 of those elusive townpark tickets.
M & S

Bro, I really want to be there but can’t make it this year. Instead, me and some cats will be chilling that evening with THE WORD at the 9:30 Club in DC.

Enjoy the show. :cheers

I’ll be there. Pleasantly pleasant after sharing pre-show hooch with Hooch. See ya at the Mountain Sun.

Billy, we’ll keep the fire burnin’


woah woah woah . . . woah. you mean to tell me that you’re already tapping into the Hooch? THE Hooch?? I better see at least 15 bottles of that shiznit come June 19th . . . hehe.

just kidding. enjoy. just save some for me :flower

Never fear Sarah, I’ve already stored away 3 bottles for next June and plan to buy 1 per week until stocked up for Telluride, Rockygrass, Folks Fest, 4 Corners, and any other festival that requires my attendance.

One per week? :huh
That’s a lot of hooch! :cheers

Hippy New Year to all! :cheers

How long has the LOS show @ the Boulder Theater been sold out? Anyway. I tried to score tickets 'bout a month ago after hearing it was sold out and not having luck. I resigned myself to not going but as it draws nearer, I wanna go! So if anyone has an extra, I’d shirley pay ya what’s it’s worth and buy you a few rounds at the Mountain Sun. I’ve taken a fancy to their FYIPA brewski, it packs a power hop punch.


Fear not, Ms. Sarah…the hooch reproduces itself like those little worms we disected in elementary school. When one bottle is empty, another one appears in its place.

Hooch, you better hit the highway, There’s a FESTIVAL in town!

It was a great show! Here’s a quick rundown of festivarians that I saw at the show (or stopped by for drinks beforehand): Myself, CSI Mike, The Teachers (Matt & Karen), Courtney, Luanna, Roach, and Dancing Darryl & Gail (from Utarpia). Photos will go up sometime in the next few days and I’ll post here when they are available for viewing.