Last-ish chance for '08 TBF Feedback >>>>

Hey everybody. :wave

So…as the number of days till the festival close in on us we were hoping to open up a discussion with you all.

After last year’s festival many of you that attended were gracious enough to diplomatically advise us of areas that you though were lacking in that “Planet Bluegrass level of excellence” to which you have become accustomed. Specifically, we heard lots of valuable feedback on the upkeep of the bathrooms in Town Park, and the availability (or lack there of) of compostable bags for you to use in conjunction with our compost bins. We also heard the calls for a reform and/or refocusing on the line policies and tarp sizes during the festival.

Obviously, some of these issues have very straight forward answers, and some do not have answers that are quite so evident (without drastic changes to the status quo).

Before we begin laying out possible solutions/ improvements to these issues, we wanted to make sure there was nothing else that needed to be brought to the docket. Are there any other aspects of the festival that could use improving that has crossed your mind over the winter?

If so, please get the discussion going in this thread. We know that we’re not perfect, but we strive to give you the closest thing to perfect you can experience within a music setting with 10,000 of your best friends in what could be one of the most perfect places on earth.

SO…if you’ve got some constructive critcism or something that you think should be looked at before we go at this for the 36th installment by all means, let us know. Please be specific, as it will help us pinpoint the area’s that really can help make a change.

We’ll touch base a little closer to the festival to address some possible solutions and/or improvements to any area’s discussed here.

We’ll be watching this thread closely, so as not to miss anything.

Thanks to you all for being the community you are. It is truly an honor to have you spend your summers with us. We hope to continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

Dustin (on behalf of the Planet Bluegrass staff)

Picnic tables around the food vendors would be a big plus! :flower
It’s hard on us “old” folks to sit on the ground and try to eat without spilling stuff all over ourselves. :lol

If not tables, at least a few hay bales. :cheers

Howdy Dustin!
Just one from the Jailhouse. If we can get a water truck back to keep the dust down in TP, that would be great. Know is crowded in there, but if they can make a pass once or twice daily, that would be a great help. I am planning to bring a hose to hook up at the restrooms to maintain the area between the Jailhouse and Wander-In. But, if the water trucks are coming back, I can use that room for more food and cocktails! Thanks for all the Planet does!
Jailhouse Rob

For those of us that are in Warner this year I was wondering if there is any possible way we could occupy a little bit of earth until the tuesday Warner opens that way we could be apart of abgat and not have to leave town for a few days until our little piece of earth does open.

Hey I am sure this is a longshot request but how about some sort of babysitting/childcare tent for the night shows. We go to a festival in SoCal that offers this and it is AWESOME!! Mama and I can dance for an hour or two without the kiddies, and they get storytime, cookies, etc…Just a thought. :flower Big Al

I’m not sure if there have been requests about tarp size changes and what those changes would be. If the request is to put a limit on the size of tarps, I am HUGELY in favor of this. Some of the tarps I saw last year were enormous ( 30x20-ish) and would be the one-day-home of only a handful of festivarians. I think the majority of people that lay down taprs do a very good, conservative job in doing so, but there should be some kinda limit. At least a limit at the high back chair walkway would be sufficent. Thanks Dustin, the Planet does an amazing job every year. YOU GUYS ROCK!!!

…in what could be one of the most perfect places on earth.


Well, I was just going to suggest a TBF Bookmark with the YEAR or at least the Anniversary year of the FestiVVVAAALLL!!! for under $10. designed with kids in mind…

… but after the statement above I’d like to request that Dustin get out of the Merch Tent a little more often because this FESTIVVVAAALLL!!! IS IN THE MOST PERFECT PLACE ON EARTH!

( they’ve worked the man until his brain went numb … sheesh…)

Auntie Hope :festivarian2 :green

All umbrellas should be confiscated at the door and burned as a sacrafice to the rain gods…
OR …all folks with umbrellas should be asked to please move to the rear… :flower

I disagree with this. My friend sits down with her umbrella to stay out of the sun from time to time, but never stands. Her choice if this was put in place is to never sit up close or to get sick from sun exposure. I don’t see why she be force to make this choice because you wish to sit on your instead of standing. I have to stand 90% of time to see anything regardless.

If this becomes a policy this year we’d skip the festival.

Everyone is seated and so when someone opens an unbrella it blocks the view of the folks behind you…If you have had too much sun…get out of the sun. :flower Seems pretty simple.

If you get out of the sun, you are out the festival. There is no shade there. Shade would be good, heck we’d pay extra for shade. You saying you don’t want any fair skin people at the festival. Kind of odd statement for a place that gets 99% white people. We don’t use the umbrella often, we try and stick to hats and sarongs, but sometimes its the best option.

I personally would like to see the signs saying “No High-Backed Chairs Beyond This Point” moved backwards about 4 tarps. I believe they’ve been inching forward over the last couple of years. The only exception should be the lady with the spinning wheel.

There is a large shade tent right at the entrance close to the music if need be. But I can relate to not wanting to miss a beat of fest. OK so lets work out a deal my large gladiator friend… If you are in front of me and you must use that thing, you will have to pay a beer penalty… sorry it’s just the way it has got to be :cheers one for you and one for me.

I don’t think you can do much on this, but the cold showers were disappointing. Yes, I’ve tried rearranging my schedule to find hotter times, so maybe it was just my bad luck that kept me in “shrinkage” mode. Seriously though, last year was the first time that I really had trouble finding hot water - was there something broken or in need of a pre-Fest tune up?

One other thought, and this can be remedied with some helpful Festivarians. During the tarp run, it’s always frustrating when you have to wait while a Festi-virgin gets their stroller, backpack, diaper bag, trombone case, etc. searched. Perhaps we need to let those people know that they can leave that stuff behind (with fellow Festies) and make a second trip after the run. Could it be “tarps only” for the first few minutes? And thinking of that, what if there was a second run for shade tents only (you could even let them go first!)? Just an idea…

Oh yeah - free beer. That would be good.

We try and not to open it with people hind us, but last year at Rockygrass with 1/2 the field empty somebody sat behind us and THEN complained. Like they couldn’t see the umbrella, and there was 100+ other places to sit (and no it wasn’t their tarp they were on).

There are lots of uses for an umbrella, one to hide things from the man and you can join us. It only takes a song or two. But sometimes if there is nobody around we’ll keep up because of the sun. You know my friend because she’s white and red. White, white. white.

Most of the time I’m up on my feet dancing…

SOooo is that a no to the beer thing :lol

Telluride is perfect by me, I agree with Tom that some picknik tables would be nice, maybe set up a tent by the food vendors for it so we can not be burned to death while eating killer falnk steak and corn

Thanks for asking Dustin… here we go.

My personal vote on a water truck in Town Park would be a resounding no thank you. I’m sure that I’ve missed some dusty years but I’ve always thought that this kind of thing is a waste of a valuable and shrinking recourse (especially in the American soutwest). Going without is just one more way to lower the fest’s impact… something that you already do an admirable job at.

Apollo, if you’ve been before, there are dozens and dozens of shade tents that folks who want ready access to shade set up behind the designated line. Saying that if you want shade you are out of the festival is just untrue. Also, whats with the mildly racist defense? If you don’t want to hang out in that wonderful valley for the weekend, your tickets will go to good use.

I’m sure that you’ve gottan all sorts of feedback about the tarp run so i’ll be quick. My understanting was that the line shouldn’t start forming until the music stops the night before??? If that is the case, folks were lining up TEN HOURS before that last year from the TP side. Doesn’t really affect me i guess just an observation.

Maybe this is something that already happens but… have a ‘schedule’ at the family/kids area would be cool.

be well

Very Well said Spew !!!
we gotta hook up for a Cold One !

I’ll bring the hose…but be spareing. We are at 125 percent of snowpack on this side of the mountains this year…would no consider it if we were below. East slope is in trouble, but sorry from the divide it all goes west.