Larrivee OMV-03 SP for Sale

I understand the “SP” in the model number to mean it’s made with Sapele back and sides (similar to Mahogany). It’s been an outstanding instrument, but I’m streamlining my setup (keep an eye out for some of my other gear). I have upgraded the pickup to an L.R. Baggs Stagepro Anthem (includes their Tru·Mic technology and an built-in tuner) and upgraded to Abalone string end pins (purely cosmetic). The case has seen a little “love” over the years, but is still in good shape.

There is a hairline dry crack in the top, but my luthier advised me against having it repaired, as there may have been variation in the top finish.

I bought this when we lived in Texas for $1250 at Strait Music.

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