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I write until my notebook is almost full, then I start another notebook. Sometimes I know what I intend to write about and sometimes I don’t have a clue. sometimes I have one line, or sometimes a page is full and I go on until there is nothing more to write. It is similar to some chronic mental condition, like an obsession. Sometimes what I write is clear and makes sense, and other times I have no idea what I thought when I wrote. I have no idea why I write, if it is to honor the Muse or just amuse myself, is it aimed toward someone(?) or just my yelling at the universe. I think that once the muse is invoked, and your dues are first paid, it’s like a membership to an ongoing association, there are more dues, and in my case, the requirement to write is never completed. The strange thing is that as I explore my inner world, there is still something to write, and it does not have to make sense to anyone else, but I have to write. bouzouki

Man I really wish i thought about music that way… The mathematician in me translates everything into patterns and sequences, etc…

When I write music, it seems to always be more a matter of “what if I applied this sequence of notes with my right hand on top of this chord pattern on my left hand… hmm that sounds cool, but now lets move this finger up and down between iterations… hmm, that sounds cool too. How about we move that over to this part of the neck… gah, that sounds awful… back down over there”

And eventually I’ll find something that sounds cool, and then I’ll figure out by listening to it where it moves next.

Then again, maybe what I do is not so different, almost stream of conscious instrumentally I suppose… it starts of as random nonsense, and eventually gets refined into something more complex. In that vein, my songs usually follow a winding path rather than any sort of verse chorus bridge format.

And while I’m not necessarily aware of or directly influenced by my muse/inspiration, what I’m feeling/experiencing ultimately contributes to what “sounds good” to me at any given time. That being said, I’m a big fan of minor chords and dissonance… perhaps that says a thing or two about myself.


Funny you should say that! The other day I started playing Steam Powered Aeroplane as a Bossa Nova tune. Thats when I knew it was time for bed :slight_smile:

Hearing that Bob Dylan had made songs up by piecing together lines from unused material, Joni Mitchell was inspired to do the same.
She sang
“In a day or two I’ll be laying you. Odds…”

it is not plagerism it is the anxiety of influence. All of that “stuff” that is wandering around in our heads comes out. I have a line in a song “wherever I am, I am what is missing” which I wrote 20 years ago and read the same line in a Ted Hughs poem, 10 years after I had written it but from a book written the same year. Maybe we were channeling. It happens.


“If I could I would just walk away from my job today and never look back…”
So my job walked away from me, and that was that.

wonder what he thinks of youtube? ppl fear what they do not understand.

You got a link?

So, you mean the Tim O’Brien Forum :flower

You going somewhere? :huh

[quote author=landshark link=topic=4986.msg56450#msg56450 date=1277218842]
Lyle Lovett smiled during his ENTIRE SET!!! What an abundance of good energy…is it possible to be in love with 10,000 fans and perhaps another 250 PBG folks and artists??? Yes. I think it is. :kiss :kiss :kiss

Is THAT why I couldn’t stop smiling/laughing/hooting? I think his joy was bouncing off everyone around me…what a show…!!! I’m still flying from it :thumbsup
:clap :clap :clap

We’ll have a few wagons at Camp Run-a-muck. I’m sure you can borrow ONE of them. :thumbsup

That’s hilarious!
Nice job :thumbsup
Ann :flower

No truer words will ever be spoken.

You should definitely play/sing them. If you have an iphone or ipod touch, there’s a cool little app called “Four Track” that allows you to do all kinds of awesomely ridiculous stuff while recording things you wrote. Give it a try!


This makes me remember our “school trip” to Kennywood every year in Pittsburgh when I was growing up. Back then all the rides took varying numbers of tickets that you carried around. I remember when I’d receive my tickets all rolled up and it just felt like “potential.”

I open the drawer upstairs that has my town park tickets, night grass tickets, and Rocky Grass tickets. It just feels like “potential.”

Super excited.


That’s the spirit! Positive Mental Noggin!

I’m questing to find a TP ticket…if I do, I’ll contact you immediately about my 4 day pass and High School camping. Deal? :thumbsup

:thumbsup That’s a cool lyric, MShark! :cheers

Pinch and a Kiss - Would make a great band name, too!

Boy, you ARE getting antsy! :lol

Hang in there and dance about for a while. :dance