P H O E N I X ! [/b]


On top of a mountain in Golden Colorado and in 2 day’s Key West Fl. :sunshine

Grand Junction, Colorado. At work. 2nd floor. At my desk. No pants.

:lol :lol :medal :lol

Nashville, Tennesee… in my office at Music City Hostel… which is also my living room/kitchen… listening to folks visiting on the deck… in the sunshine… and just for the record, I am fully dressed.

I think I’ll go outside and enjoy the beautiful Spring Day we’re having here! :woohoo

Auntie Hope :pickin

At home in Montrose, Colorado. :wave
Or better put, about 65 miles from Telluride! :thumbsup

uh, Alabama, in Birmingham.

Bivalve, CA

On the Planet.


In Albuquerque (aka Burque’) - but getting ready to go to Chama, NM for a 3-day raft trip through the Chama River Wilderness.

Anyone wanna go? We’ve got space for a couple passengers. Launching Friday morning 4/25 from just below El Vado dam…

Stamford Connecticut…

Cincinnati, enjoying the lovely spring afternoon, dreaming of two months from today…

school library, 6:05 pm, in Lewiston Maine, after 10 straight hours of graduate school, on a day which we have all termed “hell day”, as we each had two presentations (one regarding a two year long research study), a publication manual due, a second research paper due, a project to share, a test, and ummmmm . . . . . oh yeah, a three hour lecture to sit through after all of that.

thanks for asking! hehe. I see big tall mountains in my near future!!! wahoooo!

The O.C… 'til July!!

I have a hot date with Yonder Friday night. Let’s see… Yonder? Rafting? Yonder? :rolleyes

Sorry, B-man… see ya at the Tie Dye party in a few weeks! :wave

Heading in to NYC to go see Chris Thile and Michael Daves … WOOOOO!

Richland, WA just back from Walla Walla and a visit to Hot Poop Record store. ( a must for any Walla Walla visitor) :rock

Isn’t saying Walla Walla fun?

Lets SOMBA Doc, :flower , poop is a funny word like,Spatula :lol or Walla Walla
nope that wasn’t that fun :sunshine :horsey :dog :giggle :giggle

That was “Hot Poop” not “Ho Poop.” It was named from a Frank and the Mothers solo from ‘We’re Only in It For the Money.’ :headphones

These youngsters, no respect for history!!! :lol :lol

Davidson, NC…getting ready to head about 1 hour north for Merle Fest