It was really awesome when…

Wow! I logged on today and boy was I surprised to see all of the negative forum topics about the festival. Maybe it’s just me but one of the things I love about TBF is all the different groups of people from all different backgrounds and walks of life coming together to celebrate. It really kind of bums me out to read through all this negativity.

So I’m going to dedicate this topic to all the really awesome things you experienced at the festival this year. Allow me to get the ball rolling.

It was really awesome when I thought I had lost my bag during Rail Road Earth on to find that some kind stranger had placed it on his chair so it wouldn’t get trampled. He even tied a glow stick to it so that I would be able to easily locate it next time!

So what do you say we take a glass is half full approach and dedicate this thread to positive vibes?!?!?! After all when you really sit down and think about the experience as a whole you know you loved it!

That’s the spirit, Mr. T! :thumbsup

Thank you for saying what I was thinking!

…when our completely loaded truck died on the bridge while leaving Town Park at noon on Monday, having so many friendly festivarians offer help, then hours (and only $45) later finding out it was only a 30-cent fuse with the help of the owner of Telluride Tire.

Couldn’t agree more…there is WAY too much beauty in Telluride to dwell on what isn’t! :flower

…Sunday night when it was raining really hard and I turned around to face the crowd and most everyone still had a smile on their face. :dance :slight_smile: :lol :wink: :cheers :wave :dance :rock :love :pipe :kiss :giggle :pipe2 :hop :clap :drunk :dance

Emmylou signed my shirt (right over my heart) and Jenn caught a wonderful photo of us together.

We met Telluride Tom!

My family all had a blast! Best one yet, IMO! :thumbsup

When I got to meet Jason and Phoebe from Australia and Jimmy from Tuscaloosa- 3 newbies that I had to work hard to get there!! Wish they will be back every year!

When Ajax was covered with fog on Sunday then the sun came out and the clouds cleared to reveal all the mountaints were snow covered…one of the most beautiful sights I’ve seen in Telluride on Bluegrass weekend!

I’m just going to go with “It was really awesome when Telluride.”

I’d been talking to Brian, and he asked what acts I was looking forward to the most. The Head and the Heart were at the top of my list. A couple hours later I wandered into the Poser Pit for their set, and sat down next to a neighbour from home, who looked at me and said “My new favorite band…WOW!”.

They lived up to my expectations, and I got to watch a lot of people get blown away by them…always cool…

Telluride is by far the best venue, best music, best people…BEST FESTIVAL EVER :eek. I can’t even think of one complaint, how could you complain being in such a magical place. Telluride blows ever other fest out of the water that I have ever attended. I have yet to hear of a festival that could surpass Telluride. Thank you Planet Bluegrass, volunteers, and anyone else who helps make Telluride possible, had the time of my life and best vacation EVER!! :thumbsup. The Head and The Heart was one of the bands that brought me to Telluride and I thought they were amazing live, both at the main venue and nightgrass. Nightgrass shows were amazing glad I was able to score tickets. Can’t wait till Telluride Bluegrass Festival 2012 and many more!!! Still riding the TELLURIDE HIGH

How could anyone complain?? My only regret was not arriving in TP in time to meet the virgins or many of u forum folks :frowning: (and realizing i have no idea what anybody looks like :lol next year or Rockygrass Y’all)

A small sample of Awesomeness:

Falco Friends do Sabbath

Volunteering. Steve let us work late Monday so we could jam to Crested Butte, and toasted the crew with a cooler of PBR! Seeing the storm blow over, cleaning up the town, and meeting rad voly peeps (mostly locals) was the perfect punctuation mark.

Getting lost on singletrack as the storm came in on a furry girls bike. Ya,I missed half of Punch brothers, but it forced me to be at camp just in time to save all our gear! Fate… Plus the look on the kit downhiller’s face when I stopped him for directions was priceless. :ninja

Riding into town and almost getting trampled by Elk on the bike path.

Punch Brothers nightgrass was indescribable.

I had the unique opportunity to take the solar powered stage at camp Run a Muck and introduce Tim O Brien and Kevin Burke after the wedding celebration. The look on LaLa Gay’s face was absolutely priceless.



… I met all the new Festi-Virgins. :wave

… walking in the front door of Baked In Telluride on Sunday 6/12/2011.

… Lalagay and Dayton saw Tim O’Brien and Kevin Burke after Hippie Jerry introduced the two performers and announced they were going to play for our newlyweds.

… when I took Jimmy on his first gondola ride.

… Jimmy and I found a newbie in Mountain Village that was without camping and found him a local hook-up… AND CHEAP TOO!!!

… a near the river camper came up with an all new “special” Napa Valley wine for those teenagers from town that just couldn’t keep their hands out of his stuff.

… a 16/17 year old young man named “Ian” turned in UselessJo’s belongings to the lost and found.

… I heard Sam from Fishbone yell out… “SEE YA NEXT YEAR!!!” on Monday morning. (I think he’ll be 7 & 3/4 by then! :))

… making new friends at the Conoco as we waited for the Greyhound pick-up.
Shaw and Corey… hope you guys can make it again!

OK - I’ll stop now…

T gets the next lickin’! It’s [b][i]all great!

:wave I walked the fest field before fest to take in that beautiful valley empty.
:wave I looked back and everyone had a beautiful smile on their face.
:wave Tim’s voice rang through the canyon.
:wave The sky opened for the final set. Magical.
:wave The fiddler for Corn Meal played with this huge explosion of passion…

Who’s getting the next licking? Should I be afraid?