Introducing ... Velvetina

This is totally necessary!


It’s funny how life goes. I never thought I’d see my favorite chair posted on the festivarian website under it’s own topic and given a nickname. I guess I’ll go sit in it right now, drink some hooch, and reflect upon this strange turn of events.

but Hooch - where are the naked people?


maybe we need to put Mtroamer in there?


Jerry, this is as close to naked as you’ll see on the forum. But stay tuned for my new website

So… approximately how many naked pygmy dancers can fit on that chair at one time???

Hooch, I think your chair kicks ass, and the tie dyed bathrobe is just icing on the cake.

One day, when I’m all gown up, I hope to have a chair half as cool as that. I mean it.

You’ll need to get a robe like his as well Bevin…

That blue velvet bit you’re wearing will bounce like hell against that red velvet chair. Might make a person spit up a little.

xo R


HOOCH! [/b]

Hey, thanks Bevin. I hear you have an awesome stove at your house. Maybe we can get my chair and your stove together and one day perhaps they will make a little velvety appliance of their own.

Hey Hooch!!! Has Velvetina met DukTape Man or Blaze yet??? I bet DTM is “Pimp” in that chair!

No, not yet. But there may be a chance for that after the Pagosa festival in early June.

Might I suggest large doses of Scotchgard prior to their visiting!!! :eek :drunk :eek

Hooch has plenty of scotch I’m sure :cheers
But not sure that will help with DTM, just make it worse. :wink:

Im digging the the Chair !
the robe is cool as well although
i would raither see a tall leggy tye dye Goddess wearing it
with errr big …Eyes
I know …SHUT UP RON !

Yeah, I’d rather see a tall leggy goddess with big eyes in the photo too!

I’ll be right there. :lol

Woo Woo!!! You are welcome in my chair anytime!!

I don’t think DukTape Man’s tour bus goes through Grand Junction… :drive

Soooooooooo … Um … It JUST dawned on me this morning as I was checking out this years lineup … :sunshine

Um… Duh!!! :geek All this time Velvetina has made me think of Solomon Burke and His Big Red Velvety Throne and NOT realizing that we just may get to see Solomon in that particular Velvety Throne on Sunday morning??? :clap

Can I get a Halleluliah??!!!???

Halleluliah Sister! :thumbsup

Auntie Hope :pickin