Ima 1st Timer, is it BYOB?

Stupid question I know, but the website doesn’t say anything about beer vendors or if it’s BYOB…and what about food?

There is the KOTO Beer Booth
and All the food venders …
Its Not BYOB at all… no outside alcohol is allowed
inside the festival grounds … you can bring in muchies
but THey Will look in your cooler
Now you can have beer or whatever in your campsite

I love KOTO, but damn, I’m really getting tired of New Belgium beers. Don’t get me wrong, New Belgium is a WONDERFUL company what with the alternative energy initiatives and I’ve heard they treat their employees very well. But, I just don’t dig the creamy belgians that the KOTO tent always has on tap.

Why can’t I get a nice, cold IPA, ESB, or something else biting and hoppy at the fest? :slight_smile: Bring in some of the regional breweries…How about Ska or Steamworks from down in Durango? Or even Smugglers from T-Ride.

Anyway, I’ll continue to get my fill of bitter beers at my campsite (all the while saving money!), but I would love to have the ability to buy something besides NB at the festival grounds…

Sorry for ranting!

I’ve heard rumor that Sierra Nevada might be involved at this years fest. I’m not sure how true it is, but thats what i was told by someone who works there. Might be BS for all i know…


I just saw new belgium is listed on the main site as a partner, so i believe the gentleman i talked to is full of it.

Not sure on it’s status, but I know that New Belgium has a pale ale that they are working on. I’ve tried it, and it would make a wonderful summer hop beer. (I too am a hop-head).

I can’t attest to if it will make an appearance at TBF…and in fact I’d probably say it won’t this year…but know that there is a Pale on the way from the NBB folks.

…and cletusaz, your Sierra friend must have been thinking about some other wonderfully magical escape from reality during the solstice. :wink:

Do NBB do anything thats more of a “session” beer ? I found the Fat Tire good but not something I’d want to pour down my head all day. We have a beer round here called Theakstons which is around 3.8% abv whcih is ideal for thirst quenching and spilling down your shirt.

At SXSW I found Dos Equis ideal for a thirst slaker, is there anything similar available here ?

Living close to the home of beer - Masham - I do liek a drop. :cheers

I’ve found their Mothership Wit to be my favorite…The Springboard and Blue Paddle are also good “light quenchers.”

It all depends on what they bring, and if they have any new brews.

I find most anybeer is good enough to spill down my shirt. many people i know will attest to this. :cheers

Spilling beer is alcohol abuse, no matter how cheap the beer is. :cheers


Here Here
Heen !!!

I agree 100% Tom, but, sometimes the inevitable happens, and it ends up on my shirt, or in some special cases rocketing out my nose!

Yeah, just ask Semicharmed Anne about standing too close to CSI Mike while he’s gesturing and you’ll know why wearing drinks is sometimes inevitable.

Boulder Beer used to supply Rockygrass, not sure about Telluride.

Blue Paddle is my favorite pilsner of all time. Skinny Dip another fine summer brew.

I agree it would be nice for them to come up with an IPA, but I really, really can’t complain. A great brewery, rivaled only by Deschuttes in my book.

Keep bringin’ it NB…oh man I’m thirst now.


MmMmMmMmmm, Mothership Wit… Thanks Dustin, now I gotta go get me some!!
LOVE that stuff…


I saw this New Belgium Pale in the store today, so they must be marketing it now.

What sort of price is the beer at TBF ? Is it reasonable or do you get scalped alive like we do at all uk festivals :mad

3 bucks a pint i think

:wave 3 bucks ??? What time warp are you caught in brother :flower

Beer is 5 buck a pint and 4 if you refill from the same cup, cups from previous years do not accrue additional discounts. I usually buy a cup or two, then refill them at the discount and donate the extra dollar to KOTO.


oops sorry Im a bit Fuzzy after last night
Festival Training Session …