How to prepare for Town Park !!!!

This was just sent to me …its twisted …Sick …and and just too funny

Wake up and glare at the bottle on the floor next to your bed
(Note: As training progresses, and greater stamina is achieved, bottle will actually be in your bed)

Stumble to green room in backyard (installed for purposes of training program*) and wait for 20 mins before relieving yourself.

Upon return to front yard, collect instrument someone “borrowed” the night before and left outside all night, leaning against a cooler.
(Note: This is a perfect opportunity to practice true festivarian spirit by not giving in to anger)

Stumble to kitchen, don training program blindfold, and dig through big box o’stuff for little bottle of pain reliever.

Once pain reliever has been located, use dull camp knife to pry open “child-proof” cap, remove blindfold.

Crack a beer and take pain reliever… while eyeing what remains in last night’s bottle.

Pour last remaining shot from bottle while repeating “Hair of the Dog” several times …then, fighting back nausea, back away slowly… in fear.

Replace blindfold, and find soap, towel, quarters, for shower.

Proceed to shower, remove blindfold, turn on hot water and wait for 45 mins before getting into shower, eyes closed, head against wall.

Get into shower, stand for a few minutes until hot water begins to fade, soap up quickly.

SCREAM, curse and perform a “modified stationary panic” when hot water becomes ice cold water… fumble for something to wipe soap out of eyes.

Take clothing and all belongings into front yard and dress in front of entire neighborhood never standing on more than one foot.

Drink the first real cocktail of the day (hair of the dog, hair of the dog) and eat first meal of the day
(Note: While in Town Park this is generally some kind of food bar found in camp or breakfast prepared by someone who obviously went to bed too damn early. As an adjunct to this part of the training program, we advise you look at your very favorite dish for minimum of 20 mins prior to consuming said food; you’ll find this to be valuable prep for the wait in line during the avg. 1-2 x’s per day IFFP** - intended to minimize salivary gland over-stimulation produced by Sisters Dumplings or Killer Flanks)

Saunter out to front yard*** and take up residence in a low-chair, with two Camelbacks: one full of water, the other full of alcoholic substance to build the rarely used orbicudrinkinginsunalldaylaris orsis muscle.
(Note: If you reside in lower elevations… suggested tactic would be to get on the roof of a tall building to ready oneself for alcohol consumption at altitude)

When the “back teeth are floating” feeling hits, go to green room and stand for 20 mins.
(Note: This is an opportunity to begin to perfect the “pee-pee shuffle” disguised as dancing to the music or hacky-sac)

Set-up obstacle course for return to chair… be sure to carry food, dirty-sticker covered plastic cups covered full of liquid and hula-hoop through obstacle course, sit in chair without spilling.
(Note: The obstacle course should also be navigated carrying above objects while blindfolded… to simulate the trip in the dark while drunk.)

Stay in chair until dark and beyond, cheering neighbors/cars as they pass by to build clapping callus.

Replace program blindfold and gather all items taken out at beginning of training day, and return inside via obstacle course.

Put on not quite warm enough clothing, grab musical instrument and make your way out into neighborhood seeking alcohol, warmth, and people willing to jam.

Play music, drink alcohol and try not to complain about the cold until you can no longer stand.

Find reasonably comfortable place to sit, and drink alcohol, complain about cold and play music until you can no longer find the strings.

Sling instrument over your back, put on blindfold, clutch bottle w/ remainder of alcohol someone gave you in your teeth, and crawl back home to bed.
(Note: Sidewalk use is not allowed during this step. Crawl through yards, under bushes, etc… this method should help prepare you for wee-hour drunken rumblin’, bumblin’, stumblin’ return to camp. Extreme training would involve at least 3-4 attempted entries into someone else’s bedroom. Goal is to get out with all limbs, dignity and undergarments intact.)

Lean instrument against cooler in yard, crawl in to house, in to bed and go to sleep.


step one and start over = one revolution

  • Under no circumstances is the green room to be serviced during training program; this is intended to properly anesthetize certain senses in prep for Fest. If possible, have people stand in line ahead of you and mumble incoherently. Practice the “smile and nod, I’m not too drunk to understand you” response.

** Avg. IFFP = average in-festival food purchase

*** Tarpology education is not covered in this program. Program creator does not want to incur the wrath of hundreds, nay thousands of festivarians…each with a disparate view on Tarpology best practices

Training Program Matrix

Weeks 1-2 Complete one revolution of training program no more than a TTL of 4 x’s
Weeks 3-6 Complete two revolutions of training program 2-3 x’s per week
Weeks 7-10 Complete two revolutions of training program 4-5 x’s per week,
(add one complete revolution each week)

After week 7 revolutions can be added at will. Be sure to cease training program at least 3 days prior to departure for Telluride.

Get plenty of rest, drink lots of water (you should still, however, be training your bladder at this point),

During the entire program, channel festivarian spirit at will… listen to good music, smile at people you don’t know, willingly embarrass yourself at every opportunity and share your yard, food and drink with any and all passersby.

Additional exercises:
Give yourself toe-jobs while blindfolded
Decorate your yard with tye-dye and old couches
Convert some common household item into a propane heat source
Cook a meal for hundreds
Conduct “blind taste tests” on homebrew, coffee and hot sauces
Shuck oysters while blindfolded
Go to busy public locale and figment* without hitting anyone.

*figment is a type of dancing. Term is derived from a statement made by program creator’s friend when, while “dosing”, he looked down on people dancing at a Dead show and said, “Looking at those figments of my imagination, figmentin’ around!”

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“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world and all there will ever be to know and understand.” Albert Einstein

“Reality leaves a lot to the imagination.” John Lennon

Thank you Monkey Girl !!!

This is actually the Monkey methodology (watch for the informercial!)…

I’m sure there are other equally effective methodologies, but call and place
your order in the next 16 minutes and I’ll throw in a slightly used thigh-master! :hop

xoxo Monkeygirl

Just Slightly ???

oh im going to hell now


It’s really brilliant!

It’s like a self-inflicted festivarian in-home boot camp.

Should there be some hung over early morning tarp running training as well? As we all know - it is important to know how your body will react to being hung over, standing around for hours and then a paniked sprint of 200 yards or so. The trick is to do it without having to stop and puke or pass out from lack of blood flowing to the brain.

Oh my gosh, Monkey Girl, did you come up with all that? It’s freaking awesome!! Good job!! I’ll get started first thing Monday morning!! :flower All hail “hair of the dog”!!!

This year will be my silver anniversary as a TBF festivarian… yup that’s right, tho I barely look older than 25
(MG<—delusional!), this year will be my 25th year. I have LIVED this baby!!

It started as a little email response to something Hooch said, which was blown away when I took too long to post it (damn time outs!), so after a beer and a couple of shots of Sailor Jerry spiced rum… I sat down and started typing as I waited for my queries to run last night. At about 12:30 AM, I finally finished.

So… I intend to start this weekend, having put in a miserable performance last weekend on St. Patty’s day (can you BELIEVE IT? My mother immigrated from Ireland, and I was in bed by 11!)… I had better step it up!

This year I’ve gotta go big or not go at all… being my 25th and all. (first year was 1978… just a youngun’, I was)

xoox Monkeygirl

what have I gotten myself into . . . :wink:

only kidding, it must be something really special for people to come back for their 25th year! what a gift to us all! looking forward to every minute . . .

Well, this will only be my 27th. :lol
That means I’m over half way to my 50th? :cheers

Being avirgin, i have a lot of living to do! we can only hope to measure up. We put it in your hands to guide us into the ways of true festivarianism. i wrote that withour looking at the keys. yee haw!

This is now posted on our fridge!

Let the training begin! :eek

If my Calculations are correct this one will be my 13th

I stopped counting after I forgot what came next :drunk
but it’s been enough to know it’s not enough???

Its never enough!!!

Oh!!! Girlfriend!!! We’re going to CELEBRATE!!! Put on your party dress :hop

Oh!!! Girlfriend!!! We’re going to CELEBRATE!!! Put on your party dress :hop

Um, Joey… isn’t that Rhonny’s party dress you are wearing???


can i wear my party sorong???

LOL…I thought it was your dress? :lol

JOEY!!! We need to get you your OWN party dress!! :thumbsup

Tiki-Toes!!! Wouldn’t it be fun to have some kind of “po-boy prom”? It would give me a chance to brush off my tu-tu and sport that once again… tho’ I’d have to hide it because Joey would probably try to abscond with the dang thing! :eek

Well I dont know what Ive been told
You never slow down, you never grow old
Im tired of screwing up, Im tired of goin down
Im tired of myself, Im tired of this town
Oh my my, oh hell yes
Honey put on that party dress
Buy me a drink, sing me a song,
Take me as I come cause I cant stay long


xoxo MG