How to ask your neighbor to ....

I admit that I am as guilty as anyone in exhibiting boorish behavior, and we all do it at times, so how to ask some one to be a little quieter during some sets of music. I really mean no offense, but I have been in many situations where I can’t hear the music due to the conversation about the relationship that has gone bad, or the 21 minute joke that has no punchline, and the person has to talk louder than the music to be heard. This is not a limited phenomena to TBF and it may have something to do with the way that many people use music as a background to the drama they are living. Seeing people that you haven’t seen and greeting them, and talking is as much a part of the connection of TBF as hearing new music, but I think of it as more like this: I remember someone yelling while Doc Watson was playing, and Doc’s reply was, “that’s all right, I remember my first beer, too.”
At times, it is entertaining, for a while, or funny, in a way, but there comes the time when the circle of people that have heard enough from someone reaches that critical point, and one person is compelled to ask that loudmouth to be quieter. Perhaps I am the only person that has felt the annoyance of hearing people talk over a quiet performer, but if I am not, I would like to know how to politely say, with no offense intended, that they go get a beer, and take their conversation with them, or to be a bit more respectful of the others around them.
I guess it is my own problem to be irritated, and I could be more tolerant during this time, but, often the music is new, and different, and it requires my attention to get it, and I don’t need to know that your buddy’s condo is still full of people hungover from last night and you don’t know how you’re going to catch a flight to see the Beatles at Times Square in 2012. :rolleyes

It’s not the murmer of the crowd that bothers me, it’s when someone demands your attention, like in yer ear whispering comments or %$#^#@!$^&^ the ENTIRE set…I start to feel trapped, need air space, audio space from chat… I wanna put on Fergs headphones and tune OUT chat… :thumbsup

I just remove myself. Excuse myself for rest room call and stand somewhere else for awhile…just no good way to tell someone to shut up… :lol

If you say “I’m going to move somewhere so I can hear the music and not the chatter” loud enough for them to hear maybe they’ll get the hint. :flower

Easy fer you to say big guy :lol :flower

I totally understand this.

On the other hand, last year I got yelled at for laughing loudly in my tent after coming home from the bar. I honestly do try to be repectful of my neighbors but when your at bluegrass and you are drinking whiskey like a crazed viking sometimes it is hard to not be a little loud. Sometimes I wish people who go to bed early and are light sleepers would stay in the family campground at the high school. That way everyone would be happy and no one would get woken up at 2 in the morning. :wink:

I think yer right there are a number of folks who actually think they will get sleep in TP and Warner. I think folks need to know that there are alot of jams and camp family parties, all nighters, if you will.

Maybe I’m wrong is there a quiter reserved area in TP for noise limit?
Seems big enough to accomadate every ones wishes… :flower
I am no expert and I have never camped in TP… just sayin’ :flower
Wouldn’t it be cool if you “book your party” for fest?
Soft, Med, or hard party. Section 1 soft no alc. or loud noise after 11.
Section 2 Med. Alc. allowed lights out by 2AM
Section 3 Hard Party no curfews… just sayin… :lol

I mentioned this very thing in the last-ish chance for feedback topic.
I think bouzouki is referring to “loud” conversations taking place during the shows, rather than a drunk coming home to his tent and just about knocking it down trying to get in, or someone seeing a shooting star and hollerin’ about it at 4a.m.
Town park does not enforce quiet hours, as far as I know. And there, earplugs are always recommended if you are a light sleeper.

I wholeheartedly agree that inside the festival, during the various sets, is NOT the time for a lengthy conversation. To greet an old friend, or give a whoop now and then is perfectly acceptable, but if a person is talking nonstop into the air at mega volume, or if it is of no interest to those around you, then save it for later during the break. If you can’t wait, the “polite” thing to do would be to get up and take it elsewhere. Unfortunately this does not always occur. I asked the guy with the obnoxiously loud profane rant to quiet down, and he just got worse, so I moved. Sometimes that is the only option, and hoping that he doesn’t show up in the same place the next day. Even the guys he was with told him to shut up, to no avail, and they too left, and he was still just yappin’ away. In a crowd that large, there will always be someone who thinks what they have to say is funny, witty, interesting, or whatever, but mostly it is not and is just annoying.
I suppose if they are REALLY bad, we could duct tape their mouth shut and toss 'em in the river. :lol :lol :lol :lol

:lol :lol :lol Safety in numbers, lets ruff em up a tad. :festivarian :hop Is it June? :flower

offer them a bacon sandwitch then politly tell them to SHUT UP I CAN’T HERE THE SHOW!!!

Uh, yeah… I’ve had this happen. The person in the middle of the conversation ended up becoming a good friend and totally understood (the second time I asked) when I told them how far I had actually driven for the particular set they we talking through. The small group did get up and leave.

[b]While we’re here…let me give you all fair warning. Please Tell Your Friends

The duo of Bela Fleck and Toumani Diabate will be amazingly soft/quiet at times. I’m pretty sure it will be this set that many of us take the moment to do a Telluride 360*. It’s that beautiful. I’ve already had nightmares of “festival talkers” that would not stop or go away (gosh that was polite Auntie).

Let all please remember this guest musician has traveled from Mali, West Africa, to grace us with the sounds of the 21 String African Harp, The Kora, and this project has not only been in the works for Bela Fleck over the last 4 years, it is near and dear to his heart.[/b]

Thank You in Advance,
Auntie Hope :festivarian2 :green

… We now return you to your yearly conversation about the P.I.T.A. sitting next to you during your favorite set at TBF.

I am looking forward to this in a huge way. And it will be my first listen… I hope there is a hushhhhhhhhhhhhh… :medal

So Im not the only one who gets fed up with people talking at gigs ?

I think its the drugs theyre all takin’ :eek :eek

There are many variations on this theme, the people that follow a band on tour and talk about how much better the band was at some other gig, or the ones talking about work, made me think, why aren’t you there? the example that got me started on this topic were a group of people we knew that came to our tarp and proceeded to talk over each other during a quiet set. they were offended when we asked them to stop talking.
It would be best if the spirit of the music takes them, open up to the music, and soar.
there are times when the parental look could strike fear into kids, so if we are all kids, maybe we can sense that.
I wonder what gets into our minds that take us away from the music, like the two guys that had been drinking whiskey before getting into the festival, yelling and whooping, came over by us, took their shirts off and promptly passed out. I think they got sunburned, so sorry :evil
I want to enjoy the fest, I have heard amazing things over the years. I want the musicians to want to play and take our energy and return it in multiple ways. I have tried to let the sound of the crowd merge with the music and sometimes it is effective. I have seen the crowd get into it and we all get taken together, somewhere, and that is one of the best things I have experienced in my life. :thumbsup

For the super precise listening sets like Bela Fleck and Toumani Diabate I will just go up front and hang out next to the VIP fence. I think the festival grounds are large enough to move around and completely escape any unwanted conversations/ random noise. I completely know what you mean by these “loud mouths” at the fest, but ya know, TBF is usually the best week of the year for me and I won’t let a loud drunk, or valley girl who won’t shut up bring me down during a SWEET set. If you get that pissed about another festivarian, go get some dumplings, they always cheer me up.

I think you misunderstood, Joe, I wasn’t pissed. :cheers

Disappointed, for sure. I’m heart broken for any musician, anywhere, any venue, that looks to a crowd for confirmation and only finds that the majority are ignoring the music. I’ve moved many a time, in only two years at TBF, just to hear the music better or get away from folks interested in something other than the music. That’s pretty sad considering I was siting right in front of the tapers.

I also agree with TBF being the best week of the year (two if possible) and I know there are many of us out here in “la la land” that do what we do, the rest of the year, until we can get back to the reality we live in during those one to two weeks around the Summer Solstice that we call…


Joe, we should have a beer. :thumbsup

Auntie Hope :festivarian2 :green

Although I dont think you guys are trying to, you are making this sound awfuly negative!

Isnt Telluride Bluegrass Fest the place where most bluegrass/acoustic music musicians strieve to play? I’ve heard it, on many occasions, that they love it so much because the crowd is so attentive. Sure, there are going to be a few bad (nasty, rotten, bastard-like) apples out there BUT the important part is how many INCREDIBLE music loving, energetic, peaceful good apples are cramed into one of the most beautiful places in the U.S. of A.

God Bless Telluride.

ps. I’m extremely annoyed by annoying people.

When you arrive Telluride IT’S ALL GOOD, even the annoying folks :flower

Actually I just wanted the idea to be out there. Pay attention to your neighbor. The energy is good, the people are smiling and there is dancing down the pathways. Its how we connect, usually through a smile, a nod, a hug, always good to be there. I think I would rather talk about it now, and not have any problems later. :flower When I think of all the music I have heard at TBF for the first time, beyond the usual media fare, I get excited for the next round. The range is wide enough for us to peek at the extremes with our ears and some of it is fairly complicated. When there is all that attention from the crowd, it is amazing…

Two ravens, dancing through trees
Bach from a banjo and bass
A classical moment, on a hot day, before the solstice

A thousand people, basting and baking in the sun
Sad Mendelssohn
Dancing over the crowd
I wonder how many of us are as free as the ravens

The ravens have no word for freedom
And they have their petty conflicts
They may even desire, still
I can’t see the great raven telling them which side of the canyon to fly

The canyon walls look familiar
It comes round to this;
The edge of summer
A moment of this instant bliss

For a moment, it is heaven
What more can you ask. :cheers

Your right Auntie, “pissed” isn’t the right word for what I was trying to say, “annoyed” would have been a much better fit. But I think we have the same view on the situation. My group of friends always seem to be near the midpoint walkway, so we can discuss whatever in an appropriate place, but when the moment strikes, head up front for a killer set.

And yes, I agree

A trip to the beer tent sounds just right :cheers


Can I just add that sometimes its nice to listen to the artist rather than the person behind you who knows all the words and insists on singing them :mad :mad

Its all about respect…