how much longer until TBF?

i know we just got back a couple weeks ago, but i’m rested up and ready to go again. how much longer? 11.5 months!!!

I’m sure Telluride Tom can give us an exact day countdown. I think he’s got a ticker on his website too.

Countdown to the Telluride Bluegrass Festival 2010…
Days Hrs. Min. Sec.
343 18 15 00

You can find this info at :

scroll to almost the bottom of the page - The Mayors Place


its too long
thats for sure :wink:

I’m ready to go. I can grab bacon on the way.

Are the measurements for Rons bacon thong finished? I’ll measure the waist Hooch if you take care of the inseam!
Sorry…I just threw up a little in my mouth again.

You are killing off my TBF2010 excitement already. Stick to Eggs Benedict and leave thong construction to the experts. Not that I’m an expert. I swear I don’t wear thongs. But I don’t judge Ron for wearing them because I believe he pulls it off well with that nice firm buttocks and tanned Hispanic skin. Not that I looked!

Comes from those few days at Orvis …lol

Aaarrrghhh! anything in the regions of 300 days is too long! :frowning:
And please stop polluting my mind with images of bacon thongs! Get yourselves a topic! :wink: :lol

Ya see! Now that’s good thinking! But we’ll need more bacon for that next year…unless people are willing to eat the bacon after we’ve slided across it.

New topic

Bacon slip and slide :flower
I can see you wearing the slip but what does a slide look like? lol

I can see you wearing the slip but what does a slide look like? lol
Brian, you need a 101 workshop on quoting! :lol

Brian, you need a 101 workshop on quoting! :lol
I need workshop 101 on a LOT of things!

How is it Brian that I’ve been on here for 2 years and you’ve been on for 6 months, and you have more posts than I? Are you an addict? It will be a little while before next TBF, so don’t go into cardiogenic shock!
Just make some hollandaise and a bloody mary and eat outside; all will be well soon.

BillyBeru, you’re on to something, you seemed to have cracked the way to know who out of Kimy Jo or Brian is posting! :medal

Well, having said that, all cringing bacon underwear related comments are safe to attribute to Brian, as us women have a more refined sense of humor… :wink: :lol

And what I meant by get a topic was an analogy to when you tell teenagers to get a room when there hormones go haywire and they start getting off with each other in public… Basically, get yourselves your own thread to talk about bacon thongs instead of dragging it into every other thread on the board! :lol

I can feel you have all this sexual-bacon tension you need to release, and that’s fine. It’s just to have to throw up a little bit in my mouth every time I read through a thread is slightly disturbing, and I’m not even talking about the unforgettable mental images…

Oh gosh, that and being tie dye flashed by Hippie Jerry at the PJ breakfast, I think I might need therapy… :huh

Breathe deeply, focus on pale colors and healthy green vegetables…

That feels calmer… but so much less like Telluride! :lol :lol :lol

But cindy… you have the “420” rating that everbody wants :cheers

I just gave you some festi-love to boost your rating. And speaking of 4:20, it is!

Thanks… too cool
Peace :flower

Half way there! :flower

Thanks Tom… you guy’a are awsome :medal
and I will meet you all at Rockygrass WhoooHoooooo
I had hoped to make Teluride this year, had tickets to the fest and all , but my band
booked 2 gigs on that weekend.
Next year for sure…now how many more days?