Hippie's Ultimate pack list for TBF 2010

Now without further audieu

Jerry’s RunaMuck packing list for 2010: :flower :flower :flower

Tickets - wallet - cash
Ez ups with spikes
Ground cloth
Nylon twine
Sleeping Bag
Therma rests
Flashlight/head lamps
Walkie Talkies
cell phone w xtra battery
bluetooth headset
charging cable
Quarters (for showers)
comfy shoes and sandals
lotsa socks
Clothes - long sleeved t shirts
skirt - tie die for rumballs
Big straw hat
heavy jacket and fleece
reading glasses
rain suit
water bottles
day pack
duck call
bocce balls


shaving kit
bath towel
lip balm
hair brush
foot slave

2 folding tables
kitchen sink
dish drainer
cutting boards
2 burner coleman stove
white gas
unleaded gas (back up for truck/stove)
bar towels
waffle irons
coffee grinder
spray on olive oil
sourdough starter
mesquite charcoal
juniper for smoking
firestarter chimney
small skillet
cornstarch plates
festival cups
metal cups
knife bag
dr bronners soap
tin foil, and zip lock, and garbage bags
compost, recycle, and garbage buckets
cubitaners for water
hot water maker
propane tanks
stainless sink
5 gallon buckets for gray water

festival chairs
camp chairs

food ice chest
round gott coooler

Small propane bottles

minidisk recorder
stereo mic
big battery
solar panel with regulator
extension cord
blank mini discs
mic stand
gaffers tape
electrical tape
small flashlight
cable adapters

needle nose
vise grips
channel locks
wire cutter
swiss army knife
matte knife
tennis balls
gaffers tape

Ron is bringing the bunjee cords!


Tom is bringing Ron’s bunjee cords! :wave

Ooooh, this makes me very happy! Can’t wait for our FIRST TBF and especially our first TP experience!

I’m bringing a lefthanded tram prawn.

Really, Jerry? That’s all?

And to top it all off, you make it look so easy. :medal

:wave Thanks Bevin :cheers

I see that the pipe and s hooks for hanging pots, woks, and skillets got left off of the list… I better get on that.


Wow, this is a great list! As a TP rookie, I’d like to ask if I can get in on your “foot slave” action? Also, do you use the solar panel to charge the big battery? How far must one go to find electricity for charging a big battery?
Thanks for any info Hippie! Can’t wait for TBF from TP!

I just have to make the trek from Conoco to Town Park to charge my “big” battery.


There’s electrical outlets in the main shower/restrooms. :flower

You forgot bubbles and bacon!

Thank you Tom !

Thats a great list! I didn’t see any advil for aching body parts…Are there fires allowed at Mary E? I am thinking not, and the charcoal fired me up about some extra cooking possibilities.

Also any suggestions, we are traveling from NC in a hatchback, not sure how/if transporting a large propane tank is such a good idea…trying to stay away from using all kinds of mini’s!

all of the above, plus…
Emergen-C, or electrolyte supplements (can be placed in cocktails)
pain relief
camel back
extra memory chip for camera
travel coffee mug
head lamp
hair clips, do-up thingies
milk crates for storage
swim suit (you never know) :flower
extra pillows, sleeping bags, and my favorite camping quilt, (i like cozy)
spray bottle/ mister
benie, and a Bubba-Keg
and then some, i always bring too much…

Castle peppermint soap and ground almonds (a home made foot scrub) for tired feet. It wakes em up . That’s on this hippies list. And Duk Tape… :flower :dog

Fires are allowed at Mary E in designated fire pits. If you can’t find a spot next to one, make some new friends and join someone at their’s. :cheers

Jerry I think you forgot the lampshade, tie-dye union suit, and robe.
Will you be making green tea ice cream this year? That was sure a tasty treat.

yes, yes, yes, and most likely.


:festival Thanks for TP lists and hints, Mr. Hippie and Mr Mayor! :cheers I better print this thread out and start shopping/packing for my pilgrimage. Had a taste on Thursday at the CABOOZE w/30db show. :band Great time! :clap C all y’all there!

Yup fires allowed at Mary I. :slight_smile:

I assume the walkie talkies are because cell phones aren’t going to work in the area?