Hippie's annual Ultimate Packing list post

:wave Ok gang, I’ve reviewed the pack list that was last updated in 2007. Made a few changes for this years special events and am ready to repost!

Drum roll please :budumdum

The 2015?? Version of Hippie J’s Ultimate pack list

Tickets - wallet - cash
Ez ups with spikes
Ground cloth
parachute cord
Sleeping Bag
Therma rests
Flashlight/head lamps
Walkie Talkies
cell phone
charging cable
Quarters (for showers)
comfy shoes and sandals
lotsa socks
Clothes - long sleeved t shirts
skirt - tie die for rumballs
Big straw hat
reading glasses x3
rain suit
water bottles
day pack
duck call
bocce balls


bath towel
lip balm
hair brush
foot slave

folding table
kitchen sinks
sink table
5 gallon buckets
cutting boards
2 burner coleman stove
white gas
bar towels
waffle irons
spray on corn oil
sourdough starter
jumiper for smoking
chimney firestarter
small skillet
paper plates
festival cups
metal cups
knife bag
dr bronners soap
tin foil, and zip lock, and garbage bags
compost, recycle, and garbage buckets
cubitaners for water

festival chairs
camp chairs

dry food ice chest
oyster ice chest
water cooler

Small propane bottles

minidisk recorder
stereo mic
big battery
solar panel with regulator
power strips
led lights
blank mini discs
mic stand
small mixer
gig rack
Pa speaker
gaffers tape
electrical tape
small flashlight
cable adapters

needle nose
vise grips
channel locks
wire cutter
swiss army knife
matte knife
tennis balls
gaffers tape

Are there any questions?



I am just glad you didn’t forget the foot slave, although I am sorry to inform you that you will need to find a new one this year, As Annette will not be there this year! :pirate

Sheesh, get engaged one year, leave her home the next? :huh

What kind of :pirate are you? :evil

Auntie Hope :festivarian2 :green

Arrrrg! Hope great point, but sadly I am leaving the Pirate at home too! :pirate

Wow, Hippie, you’re still using a minidisc recorder?

I also like the “duck call” and hope to be there to see how you put that thing to use. It might work for ducks, but what effect might it have on a guy wearing a chicken suit? We can experiment a little, perhaps?

You bringing oysters this year?

I’m calling in sick today so I can go home and start packing.

Hey Big Shot, you too much of a Pirate to text me back? Yep!

You going to Strawberry?

Where’s the Santa suit? Or how are the boys and girls of town park to know if we’ve been bad or good?

The Santa suit was mine. He just hadn’t gotten around to returning it after borrowing it for a Christmas gig until he got to Telluride. It will be staying in the closet this year. :evil


Kim & Jed are bringing oysters for Courtney’s camp (Camp my three wives), and we will have our camper for the first time ever! Just installed a new indoor beer tap in addition to to the exterior tap, so convenient beer is always within reach. Also installing solar on the camper roof so don’t have to use the genny, ahh peace & quiet, wait-its never quiet in Town Park !!!

Looking forward to being next to Camp Dook Tap Aye :cheers Bevin

See everyone real soon

Really psyched to hear Kim & Jed will be returning in 2016! Let the festivities commence!! :cheers Jed

Very nice list Hippie. Greatly appreciated!!

Hi! What a robust packing list! Much appreciated!
I am curious to know if we can bring a two burner stove; runs on propane. My biggest concern is that it is a 20-25lb propane tank. Below is a link to a picture.


So long as we have a something below the stove, is this sort of thing permitted? We’ll be staying in Werner Field.

See ya’ll there!

As long as it doesn’t sit directly on the grass it’s fine. :thumbsup
They don’t want burn spots all over the field. :flower

Awesome! Thanks Tom, completely makes sense.

A foreword thinking festivarian has asked me to bump this up. I guess it is getting about time to start packing!

Sugar! I’m so excited, cannot wait to see all our buddies

Just finished our packing list, includes many items on hippie’s list PLUS bottles of worchester for bloody mary Monday. We’re traveling from denver looking to land in TP about 2pm Saturday. Do any of the veterans think we’ll have issue finding a spot for 3 tents and a pop up shade tent? (we’re in charge of finding a spot for our group. We’re newbies but camped in Warner last year… Looking forward to TP! :woohoo :butterfly :peace