Hardly Strictly 2009

Your intrepid hosts of Camp Run a Muck have already been scurrying around making a few great plans for HSB 09. Stay tuned.

It’s also Tiki Michelle’s 40th birthday…

See you there.

Keep me posted as plans develop…

I am in! :pirate

Can not wait!

:cheers :cheers :cheers :cheers

Does anyone happen to know anyone that’s headed to Hardly Strictly from Arizona?? I would LOVE to go but as of now don’t have a ride… Of course I would pitch in for gas and great conversation! (I can also help with driving… I have a valid drivers license)

~ Anyone…?? (echo… ECHO)

There is a house in San Francisco we can rent for $2200 for 3 nights. only 2 miles from Golden gate park.
6 bedrooms 5 bath. we can put 18 people in there.
thoughts??? :cheers

Go for it AJ… I’m not sure of my pans just yet but like the idea that the folks from afar can be covered with a place to stay.

I’ll have some uninterrupted time with Karlos at Dead on the Creek… Question is how many stages do we throw down tarps?


Hello Festivarian’s :wave

Hope everyone is having a great summer!

As many of you know the campground is still closed for this years Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival.

I have been trying to find a house that we could share next to Golden Gate park for the Festival.

First the bad news, The 6 bedroom for 16 people i found was rented when I returned home from RockyGrass : (

Now the good news,
I found a much better place just recently restored and made available for rent just this week, I have rented & paid in full for an 8 bedroom 6000 Square foot Luxury Mansion that sleeps 20. In the San Francisco Central Haight Ashbury district (it was the world famous Haight Ashbury Free Clinic) only 2 blocks from Golden Gate park!!! : )

The house is amazing.

If you want to book a room in the house please drop me an email. please be aware that payments for the rooms will be needed immediately, as I have paid in full already. Rooms will go to festivarians that have attended HSBF camping with our group previously, any space left will be offered to newbies.

Once I know who will take the rooms we can talk about food and drink options for the house, I am thinking about making the house an all in package with food and drink included.
Your thoughts are appreciated. also if some of you would like to arrive on thursday we could move in early if enough of us wanted to.
also if you are interested in touring wine country before the fest let me know, as I am thinking of renting a van and Connie has offered to be Designated driver for a tour of napa/sonoma.

The 2 suites in the house with private baths one with Jacuzzi and terrace will cost the most, the other rooms all huge with Queen beds will cost about $350 and is for up to 2 people per room for 3 nights. some rooms have an extra rollaway/Couch in them and can fit up to 4 people in a room.

There is Parking for 4 CARS in the Garage. Those will run $40 for the weekend per car. Parking in SF Hotels is about $50 per night!

Hippie Jerry, Karlos, Connie and I will be working on some tarp options and getting this all together. stay tuned for more info on that…

Is anyone getting excited yet???

Peace & Festival to you all…A J :pipe2

only a few spaces left in the mansion… Pirate larry time to get your rez in. :pipe2

A.J as I mentioned we will be staying not too far from there in a resort that is already paid for. We will be looking for time on the tarp and will pay our share. Let me know what the cost will be, and how we can help out. We plan on being there on Saturday and Sunday!

Jerry, Karlos and A.J.

I will be attending HSBG this year and will be stayiing in the city. I plan on having one other person with me and we look forward to tarp time on Saturday and Sunday. Let me know what the cost will be, and if we can help in anyway!!!

:wave Hi Larry
I would say about $25 per day for food, Drink, and cost to set up tarp.
We have hired someone to come in early with all the stuff.

See you soon…A J :pipe2

It would help me plan lunch menus if I knew of any special food/diet needs.

I know we have at least one vegetarian ( Michael) and that AJ Really likes San Francisco Sourdough baguettes.

How many beer drinkers are there?

Any one else?


Well as you know I am an equal opportunity eater and drinker. So is Annette so we will be easy. I will most likely bring a couple bottels of wine as well. Will the tarps be marked like they were last year with the big pole with the flag on it? My cell is 916-505-5647 if you guys need any help. So count me in for two and we will bring money!!! :cheers :pirate :pirate

First timer to HSBF here. I should’a checked here before I got my hotel room! But too late to cancel so I’ll be staying over by the Wharf and biking in each day.

HOWEVER, as a first timer, I don’t know what to expect. Is the crowd Telluride sized? Telluride friendly? How easy is it to move from one stage to the next?

And finally, how do I find you Festivarians???

The crowd is Telluride size times 20 or 30. So some where between 200,000 and 250,000 spread between 5 stages. Pretty resonable ability to move from satge to stage if you move strategically ie. leave one stage before the current act has finished, and arrive at the other stage before the act prior to the one you want to see has finished. Or you can do like me and just stay at the main stage with all the Beer, Wine and food!!! Typically you will find us right in front or to the side of the sound board at the Main Stage (banjo I think). Safe travels! :cheers :pirate

The schedule is now posted on the HSBF web site. I’m planning my stage strategy now! :cheers

:thumbsup We’re one week away… I’d like to get a nose count of the folks not staying in the mansion with AJ… Pirate Larry plus one is already on the list. Anyone else joining us on the tarps for food and drink? I need your reservations before tuesday


Jerry, I’ll be there with Lauren, and I know Rob Carney will be in town. Not staying at the mansion. Still trying to figure out our schedule. Can chairs come with the deal?