Haiku Contest: Be Enshrined in the 2010 TBF Program

In honor of the Drepung Monks returning to Telluride, we thought we’d include some festivarian haikus scattered throughout this year’s printed program - submitted (and credited to) festivarians. This is your chance to see your haiku and your name (if desired) in the festival program…

For our purposes a haiku is 17 syllables of the form 5 / 7 / 5. Your haiku can be about anything TBF-related: performers, campgrounds, friends, memories, scenes, traditions, food, hikes, history, whatever.

Be creative. Have fun. And capture one of your magical Telluride moments in a haiku.

Post your haikus here in this thread. As many as you like. We’ll choose approximately 20 of them next Friday, May 28. You’ll find out the winners in Telluride when you see the printed program.

(Thanks to aztoma for starting the awesome haiku thread last year.)

My humble submission:

Morning Tarp run, check
Box Canyon Blugrass Pickin’
Rinse, Bacon, repeat


I’m doing this instead of actually working…

The tarp is our land
A country without boarders
Reclaimed each morning

cool river full and fast

wispering trees, telling me secrets I hold

hot sun, dancing feet, smileing …

How many quarters you got

Water not so hot

I guess I will stink some more


Leftover Salmon
musical anahuacing
till the sun comes up

btw, thanks Brian for bringing that thread back, they are fun to read :flower

Warm buzz in stomach
Port-o-potty line is long
Oh, Killer Flank Steak!

Comfy warm fart pouch!
Festivarians back home!
Music to die for!

Tingling in cheeks
Becomes burning sensation
Face-melting solo!

Weave between the tents
Pickin’, moon shine and chatter
Late night walk-a-bout.

Up in the mountains
Where everyone is my friend
We dance until dawn

The sun is above
For now, till the rain stops by
Nothing can stop us

Ron Reich’s Haiku-

Mountain sides sluff snow
Tall pines stand watch, listening
Waiting for bluegrass

Far below the sun
Melt water whispers, keeping
Bear Creek’s cold secrets

Music from the hills
Journeys into the mountains…
And sounds 'round the world

Called by the solstice
The kids all come out to play
Regardless of age

Music falls like rain
We soak and play in puddles
Dancing up a storm

Gerry, I’m awake
And buzzed. Two faves are now one-
Dark stout and coffee


Who put that rock there?
Rumballs are good for your mind!
Once a year friend hugs!

Always brings such joy
To hear the roaring cheers of

Five seven five Tom
Switch a couple of lines 'round
And shorten the third

^note: in the form of a haiku :wink:

Multiple oncores
They all came out in tutus
Woo-hoo, Friday night!

Oops… got it backwards :flower
Never done a haiku before. :lol

How many quarters
Water is not very hot
I will stink some more

Great fun post Brian!
How is the Jialhouse doing?
Planet Bluegrass rocks!
:woohoo :woohoo :woohoo :woohoo :woohoo

You got a great one going…not to be too pushy, after all, it is your haiku…but how about…

Water not so hot
How many quarters you got?
Guess I’ll stink some more