Haiku Contest: Be Enshrined in the 2010 TBF Program

Not a Haiku.
Tom just had a Senior moment. Jailhouse has that alot! Bouf us!
:lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol

OK, the idea is the same and your version does look better. Thanks!

<------(has no idea what haiku is) :eek

It’s actually your original version with a minor edit… :flower


I am clean! Cold though!
Two dollars for cold water?
River is perfect!

:lol :lol :lol I am laughing my ars off here, Man I needed that. :medal :medal :medal

“The tarp is our land
A country without boarders
Reclaimed each morning”

Wait, there are no snowboarders? This festival gets better every year!! :lol

Joking aside, I dig the haiku. :cheers

And To Hell U Ride!
God, we are once again blessed!
Again together! :wave

Come on June 12th!
:dance :dance :dance :hop :hop :dance :hop :dance :hop


Hat and chair in hand
Back for bluegrass once again
Dancin, cheerin Love!

Songs fill the canyon
Laughter in our camps and hearts
This is Telluride

Sunset kisses peaks,
Sam Bush takes command of stage,
Festival in rave.


Pick and drink all night,
Bluegrass best hangover cure,
Found the tarp… all right!

White-collar by day,
closet Festivarian,
if only they knew


Rise Up Sweet Mountains
Bluegrass Souls Awake Again
We Are Whole Once More

Haiku :rock

Oh ok I thought Haiku’s were about the seasons… ok here goes :lol

Floating on the wild wind

my feet have wings , my heart free

music fill my greatful soul

Pink mountain tops and frost

music floating , drifting in the soft wind

Envelop me I am love

bluegrass on the brain
with trees dancin’ in the wind
town park is my home

haikus are easy
but sometimes they don’t make sense

Mountains Touch The Sky
The San Miguel Ripped on Through
The Dust gets kicked up
Listening to Emmylou
The Skies Were So Blue
Pines, Melodies, Steak, and You

It feels like FRIDAY!!! :lol :lol :lol sooooooo funny, thanks for that! :lol :cheers

I can feel it now

the time is near, we shall dance

under the moon hearts sing :flower

Awesome!!! I almost cried.