Going from novice to better then novice

Hi folks,
I am interested in thoughts from those that were on a plateau for awhile, and from teachers.
Other the amount of time spent practicing and playing, what is the top thing that keeps somebody from going from being a novice flatpicker to be an expert flat picker?

The right hand is more important than the left. Do the double down up technique as taught on Brad Davis’s you tube vids…even if you don’t like it, it will develop the right hand in unexpectedly productive ways.

Wow. That Brad Davis stuff is pretty slick, though it’ll take me some time to get it nailed down. I’m just starting to add flatpicking to my rhythm playing. Thanks for the suggestion.

Lots of detailed & educational videos on youtube that will help. IMO, putting yourself out there will push you to improvement. Join a picking group. Go to open jams. Find a partner and play weekly. Nothing spurs improvement like the fear of sucking.

Yeah, I’ve been doing the educational videos and they help. But the jams and playing with others is a great idea.

I’ve been gigging as a blues/rock drummer for a long time, so none of my musician friends are all that interested in this type of music. :rolleyes

But I found a group that has an “Old Time” music circle and they always need guitarists, apparently they have an excess of fiddlers :wink:

Also, down here in Denver, Swallow Hill Music has some jams. Though it’ll probably creep people out if I show up for the “Taylor Swift for Teenage Girls” class. :lol

“Nothing spurs improvement like the fear of sucking.” <— oh my god, you ain’t lying brotha…that is so funny ~ :lol

:lol :lol :lol