Generators and amplified music in the campground?

Just throwing this out there for discussion purposes…

Last year Town Park saw what might have been the first gas-powered generator to appear in the Bear Creek Preserve area during Bluegrass Festival. At least it was the first one I’ve seen in the campground after 20 years of attending TBF. The generator was used to power a stereo or jam box which was - at least after the first night - played rather judiciously and which wasn’t a huge impediment to actual stringed instrument pickin’ nearby. Some folks thought the amplified music and all-night party was great, while others thought it represented the end of civilization as we know it.

PB has no rule on generators or stereos in the campground. Del Fest says “no generators or amplified music after 10pm.” To each his own, right?

I just saw a really nice used Honda generator on Craigslist. So what happens if we all bring generators and stereos? Will amplified music shut down the pickin’ entirely? Are we moving towards a more Burning Man-like scene in Telluride, and is that OK with you? Who has an electronica DJ they want to bring to Town Park for a 5-night stand, along with a 1000watt PA? You’ve got a spare ticket for that guy, right?

Is Town Park the best place ever for an all-night, generator-powered rave? Or is it anathema to crank a generator or run your stereo in the campground? Is it only OK during the day, or should it be OK to crank it up to 11 all night? Should PB regulate or prohibit generators or amplified music, or should they open the door to whatever moves us and leave us to self-regulate? Hell, it’s often too dang cold to pick a banjo after sunset, so should we be cranking some Del McCoury bootlegs after hours? How about Pink Floyd? Maybe some house music?

What do you think?

Ack! I would have to be in the camp against all night amplified music…

+1,000 :thumbsup

Ditto on all-night generators. Those things are loud and stinky.

Last year’s sighting was not the first generator. Down closer to the Town Park showers, my buddy was startled awake by the start of the gas powered gen starting up - within 6 feet of his head. That’ll help a hangover, no? He ended up moving his tent (not always easy to do DURING the fest).

With all of our can’t-live-without electronics (phones especially) we need access to electricity. The tangled web of outlets by the showers proves that. Genny’s can be loud, but if you’re polite and consult your neighbors about when to run them, small ones might be OK. At least they’ll sound better then the guy who tried to teach himself to play the trumpet at 4 am a couple of years ago.

We all have battery needs for iPhones/iPods, etc, but there are alternatives to generators to fuel our electronics needs. Above is something Scott (swander) uses. I recommend this route over a generator.

Hippie/Hooch, if you read this, can you chime in and let people know what we use in Run a Muck?

Here is another alternative too

:wave I know Hippie (RaM) uses a “big battery” as that’s who turned me on to it. I’m mildly in favor of the battery fueled “boom box” when the string players aren’t playing. (very cold or too :drunk)

Generators aren’t allowed at Rocky Grass. I don’t think they should be allowed in Town Park; either. People are crammed in like sardines for the most part and I can’t imagine how a generator can add to the ambience.

As a former DJ I do have the 1000 Watt PA to bring…but I would much rather hear the incredible pickin that goes on in TP. A small boom box in camp is fine as long as it isn’t played so loud we can hear the real musicians. Also for cell phones I just received a universal solay charger that will charge any phone. I hope we don’t have too much rain this year! :pirate

The EU1000i is inverter equipped so it produce perfectly clean power. The power output is generally as clean or cleaner than your standard household current. This makes 100% computer safe and friendly and capable of powering any sensitive electronic devices.
The Honda EU series generators also feature the Honda EcoThrottle™ system. This system incorporates a load dependent speed control type governor that offers excellent fuel economy by automatically adjusting engine speed to the optimum level, given the usage load. This not only reduces fuel consumption and operating noise in the normal usage range, but also keeps exhaust emissions to levels that clear even the strictest CARB and EPA emissions standards.
The 1000 weighs 29lbs. Deep cycle battery weighs 46lbs.
Running at 59db it would be quieter than the boom box it’s powering.
Works rain or shine.
Just playing advocate

One of the great things about the Telluride Bluegrass Festival is the promoters/ producers willingness to bend the rules, or adhere, and treat each instance as it’s unique self. Like the line rules, tarp rules, and anti-dual space rules, camping & generators can be useful allies, and certainly a helpful item as many have pointed out. The upper Steamboat camp by Falls hardly the only all-night party, though I’d hate to hear a generator after 9:00. The spirit of the law seems more important than the letter. Disturbing others in a selfish or disrespectful nature is one of the healings coming to a TBF near you this summer. Does the devil need another advocate? :wave

:evil. Why certainly, Welcome aboard! :cheers

Run a Muck is completely opposed to the use of generators in TP period. That’s why why we cart those batteries and solar panels to camp. We use them for many things:
Lighting at night
Electricity for medical apparatus (one of our camp has COPD and needs electricity for his machines)
the all important coffee grinder
charging for the ubiquitous cell phone

 fest PA for that surprise afternoon in camp concert.

Solar power provides all of this easily. NO to any kind of petroleum powered generator. That’s almost as bad as that horrible chain saw motor powered blender they brought a few years back. Oh yeah - - - Nothing like a 2 stroke powered Margarita at 3:00 AM.


P.S. Sorry about that early morning trumpet serenade a few years back. I thought it was a perfect rendition of that old John Denver favorite - Colorado Rocky Mountain High :cheers

I own this particular generator and while it is certainly true that it is relatively quiet, it still makes noise … just like any other motor … and it WILL be heard if one is trying to sleep and it’s nearby.

Face on a detoured thread… Have you had any valve(or seat) issues with yours? I talked to a local shop who said they are great if you don’t let them sit. Anyway just wondering… Just for the record I currently have one of those 46lbs batteries and the panel to power it. :thumbsup

Seemingly enough I was scorned and smited 5 points for my generator post. Wow for real? I just copied and pasted some info from a dang review. Dock Bevin for bringin it up. ( don’t worry Bevin I’ll applaud dtm if it happens) either way there’s ur answer. Buy rechargeable batteries :cheers

I haven’t noticed any issues, although I haven’t used mine very much … which now causes me to wonder a bit since I have had it for about 3-4 years (so it has sat quite a bit). I did send it to an authorized service center immediately after purchase to have an altitude adjustment on the carb.

I work on a computer from home and we have had power issues in Ophir combined with the ever present avalanche threat of closing in the town … so I felt it was a good investment after a string of long power outages. However, in the past few years we’ve had decent luck with continuous power. Kind of makes me wonder if the power company was playing games trying to draw up political support for a new line from Nucla?!? Regardless, I should probably get in the habit if firing it up once a month for 10 minutes regardless.

BTW, it wasn’t me who smited you (I don’t believe I’ve ever used that function here)!

Well for the record I am a member of green mnt (the dang free beer is still costing me $5 /month haha) and do my best to be carbon neutral :thumbsup I am looking to get a small backup just in case and you answered my next question about rejetting for the altitude. Anyway no worries about the smitin it’s all in fun here anyway. Cheers :cheers

In checking out the Strawberry Music Festival, I came across these rules:

Please Remember

Absolutely NO PETS are allowed. Assistance animals must be pre-approved in advance of the festivals. Please call the office for more information.
Absolutely NO FIREARMS OF ANY KIND are allowed.
Absolutely NO CHARCOAL FIRES are allowed.
Absolutely NO RUNNING OF GENERATORS allowed.


OK I guess I always seem to have a slightly different perspective so here goes. I am a bird lover and I live high in the mountains and light and noise in the P.M. are bad juju for birds who nest in the trees above. Nature is beautiful and fragile and personally I think we should try to blend in as much as possible.

IMO :flower