FLOODING! Crazy 9-12-13!

Hope all is well at the ranch. :frowning:

Update when you can. :huh

:vibes Sending good vibes.

Pictures coming through of Lyons look pretty bad. Anything can be rebuilt- Just hope everyone at PB, connected to PB or who just enjoy PB are safe and sound.


some pretty good destruction all around this morning. I know I wished for the river to be a little higher when I was up during Folks, but thats not what I meant!

yeah things are pretty bad. my dad lives couple blocks away from PB and said that it looks like a disaster movie in lyons. He heard PB ranch was one big lake.

As mentioned, things can be rebuilt. Hope everyone is OK. Thoughts, prayers and positive energy to all.

:medal Sally doing good!


:frowning: Planet not looking good.


video from Arthur’s fb. totally under water


Hopin and prayin everyone is OK in the pb family!!

Oh this is very sad news… my thoughts are with you…

I’ve heard that everyone is safe. The Ranch has suffered a lot of damage, though. My thoughts go out to Craig and his family and everyone who works for the Planet.

I’m in town and spent most of the day trying to get supplies to the elementary school and doing soe other stuff to try to help out around town.

Market is not gone. It has taken on some water but appears to be structurally okay. The worst hit no surprise is in between the rivers. That area looks very bad. Spent the day taking food to the school and some other stuff trying to help out. So far I have not heard of any people that have been hurt in town. I saw one pic of the ranch that did not look good but I have heard that everyone got out safely there too.

Right now we still have power at least on the north side of town. Water is gone though. I saw 3 National Guard trucks that have made it through to own so hopefully water will arrive soon if it hasn’t already. My wife is down at the school helping out now so she should have more info when she gets home.

Everyone is glad that as far as we know everyone is safe but there is going to be a lot of cleanup.

Thanks for the positive thoughts everyone.

Craig and his family made it off the property, so everyone is safe.

It’s bad here in Boulder, but Lyons is a whole different beast.

2 more days of rain expected. :x



Thanks for the thoughts everyone.

More later…

I’m glad the residents made it out and are ok. But I’m sad for the grounds being flooded. I hope it can recover. That’s a special, beautiful, sacred place.

Rob Roper

Sounds like everyone made it out safe so that is great. Hopefully the dogs were found and were able to make it as well. The incoming pictures are overwhelming.

My thoughts and prayers are with the Planet Bluegrass team today. I am looking forward to the benefit concert and celebration of the newly rebuilt Planet Bluegrass festival site. There are many people close by who hold this place dear. Please let us know how we can help. We stand ready to assist!


I agree! I am a strong women and I want to help as well. We are ready!

Thinking of all of you. Hold tight not too much longer. National Guard on it’s way to Lyons

And first of importance"Craig and his family made it off the property, so everyone is safe."

:medal :medal :medal :medal

Sounds like a bonfire story yet to be told. The flood of 2013. So glad everyone is safe. :medal

This wasn’t the case.

We suggested the money be donated to the community.


I hope there will be some way to make donations directly to PB when this rain lets up and the river subsides. The folks there do so much for me (and probably all of us), with the musicians we’re privilaged to see and the wonderful, fun times I have each year (when I can get at ticket) to the various PB festivals…

Mother Nature power washing the PBS ranch, looks like what happened when she sent a tornado to prune my maple woods. Glad that it wasn’t during a festival, evacuate a few thousand campers in the middle of the night. I know it will be a while before things get back to normal but the bluegrass ranch can be cleaned up and rebuilt. As soon as the water goes down people will start the cleanup. Hope everyone is well and will see you at a benefit concert soon.