Flatpicked Guitar Music

some of you may or may not have seen this site before, but it has a LOT of good tunes to play!

Click here to check out the songs!

You have to download this [FREE] program to view the tablature!!!

happy pickin’

we should agree on a song to learn and have a gigantic pickin’ session one night in Town Park!

any suggestions?!?!


i know i won’t be the only person there with a guitar!!!

who else is gonna have their axe with em’?


Sorry Aaron, but that looks like a b$%njo you’re holding in the photo. We may have to shut you down…

What song did you want to learn? I’ll jam with you. How about “Lands End”?

3/4 time, 3 parts,
A) D, C, D, G, D, C, Am, D
B) Just D and C, then Am D
C) D and G
You’ll have to listen to the recording or check out you tube to get it right. Fun tune.

the man with the banjo is the one and only john hartford!!!

…Land’s End is definitely doable… if you follow the link i posted above, they have the song completely tabbed out!

where are all the other git-box pickers?!?!?!

Well I guess it’s ok since it’s Hartford.
I can’t read tab. At least not as fast as notation. I can play mandolin or fiddle for that one.
Any other tunes in mind?

learning to play guitar without learning to read music then learning to read music will make it harder, in my opinion. Just learn to read in the first place. Does your teacher read music? If not, get rid of him.