Festivarian Mission for New Orleans

Hi all,
Since the governor of Louisianna has told folks to get busy making evac plans in case Gustav comes to visit the lowlands of NO and since our own beloved Courtney calls the Big Easy home and is even as I type formulating her own evacuation plans I thought of something the rest of might do.

This is a population density map of the US: http://www.census.gov/dmd/www/pdf/512popdn.pdf

If you look you can see a sliver of coast in western Louisianna that has a population denisty of less than 10 people per square mile. I’m guessing that is because it is a swamp. Swamps, I understand LOVE hurricanes and were designed by Ma Nature to relish them.

So I’m thinking that another hurricane is just not what New Orleans needs right now. But I am thinking the happy swamp off to the west would enjoy it.

So let’s use our collective festivarian energy to 1) keep Gustav from turning into a monster storm and 2) direct it to hit somewhere where few lives and properties are at risk.

Beats just worrying about it!

:vibes Let’s all visualize and vibe! :vibes

:vibes :vibes :vibes :vibes :vibes :vibes :vibes :vibes :vibes :vibes :vibes :vibes :vibes :vibes :vibes
I am in! Mellow out Gustav!
:vibes :vibes :vibes :vibes :vibes :vibes :vibes :vibes :vibes :vibes :vibes :vibes :vibes :vibes :vibes

Jess, I’m in… I’ve been thinking of this for a few days now…

I am in! Mellow out Gustav!

I cant get the smileys in…

ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm . . .

setting the intention now . . . . gustav be gone . . . gustav be gone . . . . .

:vibes :vibes :vibes :vibes :vibes :vibes


:vibes :vibes :vibes :vibes :vibes :vibes

                     sunshine :sunshine :sunshine:
              vibes :vibes :vibes :vibes :vibes :vibes :vibes

See??? I just absolutely Love you people! You get it!

Now on the count of three let’s all envision a new president…


:vibes :vibes :vibes :vibes :vibes :vibes :vibes :vibes :vibes :vibes :vibes :vibes

:vibes :vibes :vibes :vibes :vibes :lovedr

I love the way you Think Jess !!!
:cheers :vibes No More Bush !

Ok that ends the polictical Chatter
Dont wanna open up another can of worms in here

You know what I learned tonight, Ron? I very old lesson that I forgot. It isn’t enough to just be against something if you don’t have something else to offer up that you are for.

So I am FOR the swamps in Louisianna getting the nutrients, water and cleansing surge that a hurricane provides.

I am FOR this country electing leadership that challenges us to believe in ourselves and act on those beliefs and dreams.

And I am FOR this community, bound by music and the fun of the festival experience, but in that we found a reliable place of support.

We have each other’s back. That matters. And I am FOR that too.

More vibes to Gustav to go where it will be of some good… :vibes :vibes :vibes :vibes :vibes :vibes :vibes :vibes :vibes :vibes :vibes

:wave I’m all for a little course correction :wave

Let’s send Gustav up towards Crawford, TX to wash some of those good nutrients downstream towards the swamp and onto the gulf :jester :jester

:cheers :cheers :cheers :cheers

Much Love Jess !


:kiss Love ya Jerry!

Ditto Ron!

I spoke to sweet Courtness just this morning and she’s doing fine. She is prepared to evacuate at a moment’s notice. She said she will check-in on the forum later to keep us updated.

Keep good thoughts for her, festi-friends! :vibes

I’m in on the :vibes for a change in direction.

We’re sending lovin’ your way Courtness. :hug :kiss

(Hey Gustav… :hooch)

Auntie Hope :pickin :green

:vibes :vibes :vibes :vibes :vibes :vibes :vibes :vibes :vibes

Gustav, git!

:vibes :vibes :vibes :vibes :vibes :vibes :vibes :vibes :vibes

Courtness I hope you’re safe and sound. Some Here’s some :sunshine coming your way!

hey guys i live i central louisiana and i would like for gustav to go any were but
louisiana i dont want to spend 5 or 6 days without power.