Festivarian Dictionary

Tarpology - The science of rigging blue tarps to set up, reaffirm, adjust and readjust a festivarian rigging to create an environment.

Something like that, please feel free to edit and add additional words of art.

well put Courtness !!

Festivirgin - Someone that hasn’t had the thrill of attending a Planet Bluegrass festival. :flower

Vapors Potluck- The potluck that you DON"T have to bring a covered dish to!! (Although some chocolate chip cookies are always appreciated…)

Virgin Queen - generally one who takes it to the limit in one way or another their very first year (and keeps it going to retain the title from the designated year). Make sure the Hippie :wave and the Mayor :wave know you so when you are self proclaimed :evil there is a witness. :lol

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We should probably expand that term out to include more than just the one sex?

Let’s see… Virgin King? Virgin person ( i like the aliteration :wink: ), or maybe they are all just synonymous.

Seriously and from the Bay Area, men can be and should be proud of the possibility of queenship.

I intentionally did not use “she” in the description but I bow to your decision.

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:jester :jester :jester :jester :jester :jester :jester :jester

The Hippie has spoken, you may now be seated.

You are too kind.

My 2005 was my year of the virgin, although each year I try to represent and live up to the task. Talking to Jerry thins morning we agreed that without maintaining respect for the virgin title, one gets lost back into the fold. That said, each year I take the challenge to step up with something new. My camp kitchen has been remodeled with several design improvements, including a bar (of course - sorry to state the obvious).


Cold Water Shuffle = the dance you do with soap in your eyes as your trying to find more quarters for the shower.


great thread idea! ummm can someone (Hooch maybe) please define “hooch”. Look! what’s that flying above the city?! it’s a drink! it’s a man! no no, it’s ____________!!! da da da daaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Hooch… booze… monkey juice… sauce… HOME BREW!!!


Couldn’t hooch be anything that rocks your boat & sets you swervy? I heard it used for medicinal inhalents.

Where is hooch to clarify?

festi-foul: an act looked down, or frowned upon by your fellow festivarians!
"he removed a tarp so he could place his in it’s place thereby commiting a “festi-foul”

festi-lation :the reason you can’t sleep the night before leaving for festival!

I always thought it was a really cool place to sleep… :thumbsup

Come on out - Supreme God of smart ass comments. :wave

Show us your colors and render your verdict. After all this is for posterior.

:cheers :cheers :cheers :cheers

HOOCH!!! ‘What is “hooch”?’ many have wondered, scratching their noodles in query. Clinically “hooch” can be a cheap liquor, something mind altering that is smoked, or (as Hippie posted) can be a small thatched dwelling. But this is FESTIVAL!!..no one here cares about anything remotely clinical or anchored in establishment. So let me give my personal definition of…HOOCH.

Hooch (n): A Festival beverage of choice that, when drank, begins with euphoria in the mouth followed by a warming trend down the throat that keeps the chilly night at bay, and ends with you passing some to fellow festivarian so they can enjoy the same experience.

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OK then, my green chile beer is textbook hooch…should say, “ends with you passing OUT some…”

Skivvy foul- when you drop an item of "personal attire"in the path on the way to or from the showers… it can be a clean foul, or a foul foul. Only in the case of a Camp Flamingo festivarian can it be a foul fowl foul.

“foul fowl foul”… the DEVINE Ms. Hurricane M

:clap x 5

That was priceless!

Hope Lin :pickin

ooh ooh! a new word! yippeeee!