Festival "Virgin"

Ok. So this is my first year-I’ve been to Telluride with snow on the ground, but never in the Summer. What can you bring into the show? Should I bring a soft cooler with me, or is that not allowed?Can you bring food in or not? Short chairs?What if you get to the show after the tarp run, can you even find a place to sit or stand?
Side trips? Hot Springs within a hour or so from Telluride?
Any help would be great…

The best question here would be “what CAN"T I bring into the festival?”
Answer - Alcohol, glass, or video cameras. Everything else is fine.

A short chair (one you can’t roll a basketball under) is required if you’re sitting closer to the front. If you’re sitting back of the walkway you can have a higher chair.

Even if you don’t get in the tarp run you can find a decent spot, and you can always stand on the sides of the stage up close.

Orvis Hot Springs isn’t too far away.

As for tarps, if you see an unoccupied tarp, you can occupy it untill the owners get back, at which point they’ll most likely juast ask you to budge over and make some room. It’s a great way to make new friends :thumbsup

Mr. Tom pretty much summed it up. One more thing, SUNSCREEN, and lots of it! And, of course, a Festivus attitude ;).



Depending on where your camping, you should always get to the festival with clothing for any weather. It’s 90 degrees when the sun’s out but when one little cloud covers it up for a few minutes the temp drops to low 70’s-ish. And once that sun goes down for the night, it get REAL cold, REAL quick. So if your at Town Park or Warner Field, your camp will be close enough to not have to bring a backpack with extra stuff. But if your at Lawson or Ilium, prepare yourself for a very versatile, high country day.

And I second what RockyMtnGuy said, non-stop SPF 30+. My first year was nearly ruined because of over looking how powerful the sun is at nearly 9,000 feet.

On top of the sunscreen, I’d say a hat with a decent sized brim. A baseball cap works, but something like a cowboy hat with a brim all the way around is best, protect your neck as well as your face. Sunglasses are also a must as it can get painfully bright. Cheep dollar store glasses work fine. And most importantly, in my mind anyway ;), Tye Dye!!! :lol

I’m going to add re-usable water container to your list of “On The Festival Field Needed Items”. You could dry up and blow away out there if you don’t drink enough water! Planet Bluegrass provides the refills for FREE!

Auntie Hope :festivarian2 :green

Many Moons ago I suffered a Mild Heat Stroke …My Full day’s of on the field Fun is DONE !!
I go in party a bit back to Town hall for a nice cool off and some good food …
Boys and Girls Protect yourselves !!!
Water is a must !

Remember its a marathon not a race !

In preparation Im drinking 2 gallons of water a day, smothered in bacon fat while stood on the kitchen stool.

Have bought a big hat as well.

:wave You’re caching on Mark. Time fr the second wave, gain some altitude by climbing u on a ladder and randomly screaming FFeeeeSSSSttttIIIIIvvvvAAAAlllll at the top of your lungs to passing strangers.


You could practice smiling for no particular reason. The air is dry and you may not notice that you need to drink more water. Rain gear is always good insurance. You can be soaked in the rain, parched by the sun, looking for your tarp after the tarp run…

" Well…Ive been warped by the rain…Driv’in by the snow…I’m drunk and dirty, and don’t you know…I’m still WILL’IN!" FFFEESSSTTTIIIVVVAAALLL!

Still thinks Mark will have at least one “face plant” in him! Even with the water!

Where did that come from? Maybe the face plant will be in the water.

I love it when you talk dirty!

So who cares what the people are thinking
As we spill down the stairs to the door
You know there are twenty-three reasons for drinking
There ain’t one to be flat out on the floor

Unless it’s Flat Ron. :cheers

errr what ?
:evil :evil :evil :cheers

We are newbies to both the festival and to Telluride itself. We are a family of 4, two sons ages 10 and 14 and we all enjoy a wide range of music.
We are staying in a condo, my camping days are long over, bad back, or maybe I’m too much of a princess to rough it!
We will be in Telluride the Wednesday before the festival, and we will be in the area for a week afterwards.
Any suggestions for activities in Telluride or its environs to do? Suggestions for places to go to after the festival? Someone mentioned Louray to us.

This emoticon is hilarious. Love the crowd surfing action.

Telluride is the most beautiful place I have ever been, and I live in Montana right next to some gorgeous mountains. Their are lots of great day hikes and bicycle trails. It’s just a great place to experience nature with a few luxuries pretty close at hand :thumbsup