Favorite sets

  1. Hornby & Skaggs (that was an amazing show and I normally can’t enjoy Ricky since I’m waiting for his ubiquitous insulting comments)

  2. Hot Rize/Red Knuckles (I think they should have had a full two hours)

  3. Telluride House Band (on fire!)

  4. Sam Bush Band

  5. Spring Creek on the mainstage (besides HR and Del, some of the only bluegrass we heard all weekend)

  6. Uncle Earl at the Moon, with every young star around.

My fav’s were very similar…

  1. Hot Rize - extra special.
  2. Peter Rowan and FMAF - an unbelievable “trance country” surprise plus his trad fav’s
  3. Skaggs/Hornsby (thankfully Ricky didn’t get too preachy)
  4. House Band - does it get better than this?
  5. Spring Creek - those guys kick butt!

Agreed with much of Garian’s thoughts…especially Hot Rize whom should have received two hours.

My fave sets of the weekend, in no particular order:

Telluride House Band
Hot Rize
Solomon Burke
Skaggs & Hornsby
Del McCoury Band
Jerry Douglas Band
Sam Bush Band (except for the John Oates cameo!!!)
Bela Fleck Duos
Uncle Earl
Spring Creek
Arlo Guthrie

Also gotta mention the McCourys at the Sheridan!

Leftover Salmon is number one for sure. That set rocked.
House Band
Skaggs and Hornsby
Sam Bush Band
The Frames
Hot Rize
John Cowan and Darrell Scott

I missed a couple of sets that I really wanted to see because of the shuttle line at Illium, namely Spring Creek (that band is HOT) and Emmitt Nershi.

Steep Canyon Rangers
Sam Bush
House Band
Solomon Burke

Nobody liked the Tim O’Brien solo set?
I thought he did a wonderful job. :flower
Other than that, I do agree with the other posts. :wink:

I didn’t go to that one… I went to the flatpicker workshop instead. I did catch Tim’s Songwriter clinic though, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. :cheers

In no particular order:

Tim O’Brien
Emmitt Nershi
Steep Canyon Rangers
Sam Bush
House Band
Leftover Salmon
Spring Creek
Hot Rize
Swell Season
Tift Merritt

My picks:

  1. The House Band :medal

  2. Leftover Salmon

  3. The Duhks w/ hailstorm

  4. Uncle Earl @ Fly Me To The Moon (that venue should seriously invest $15 in a fan…you could barely breath down there!)

  5. Béla and Chris Thile impromptu workshop in Elks Park

  6. Friday night from about 2:30 am - 5 am at the Tiki Lounge campsite in Town Park, going in and out of sleep with our tent right next to a group playing some great tunes. I would have been annoyed because it kept waking me up, but it was so great! :zzz My first real feeling of why TP is such a cool place to be. Anyone know who these swing cats were? Esp. the singer for the earlier parts? :huh

Honorable mentions: Sammy, Solomon Burke, The Blue Canyon Boys (sweet vocals, reminded me of Seldom Scene…anyone??)

I felt Tim was not really fully ingaged, removed in a way. He looks tired to me. And when he ended his set by saying, see ya in a couple years that pretty much sounded to me like he was in been there done that mode.

I too kind of felt like Tim O’Brien sort of “phoned it in” this year. I agree with most of the other posts (it WAS funny to see John Oates this year… I mean come on! “Maneater?” Couldn’t they have picked another song to grass up? But I do like how his voice has matured.)

In no particular order:

Sam Bush Band
The Duhks (loved the French Canadian stuff!)
Uncle Earl
Spring Creek
Boulder Acoustic Society at Smuggler’s, Tropical Tuesday, etc. (I like their new music… very good!)
Leftover Salmon (I could barely walk the next day I danced so hard!)
Solomon Burke (That show ranks up there as one of the best Sunday church services EVER at TBF)
and finally…
Arlo (I know I was one of the thousands with tears in their eyes… thinking of my brother in a vet’s home in Florida because his mind can no longer wrap it’s self around the things he has seen in Iraq Wars 1 and 2.)

xoxo R

Didn’t he say, “see ya in a couple years” after Hot Rize, not his solo set… I loved the Tim set, it just wasn’t in my top faves. But I watched the whole thing and laughed a lot at his funny songs. I had just seen him in Boulder, though…

i believe you’re right…it was after the Hot Rize set

i’m surprised no one has mentioned the Yonder set!

I wish we had not got to the park a tad late so we could have caught the entire Duhks set; plus I wish we had known what they were like so we could have made the effort to catch their late night set.

Please bring back the Duhks!

LOVE, LOVE LOVE THE DUHKS! :woohoo :woohoo

Hot Rize and the Red Knuckles set were without a doubt my absolute favorite. I have missed them terribly and it was so fun being out there with my tribe. Would have loved to see them have more time too. Bring on Suede!

I am surprised no one has mentioned Paolo Nutini’s set. He was new to me but I thought they had loads of dancable, energetic talent and everyone around me on the tarps seemed to agree. It was a nice new treat.

I also was especially pleased by Uncle Earl, Bela’s duets, Flux and Sam’s sets, the House Band rocks and after I got over the throne, I enjoyed Solomon Burke’s set too. (Did I mention the Blues Brothers is one of my favorite movies?)

Of all the new artists at Telluride I was pleasantly surprised by the Frames set.
I had never heard them before, and they put on a great show. :flower

i thought Tift Merritt was exceptional! :medal

Mccoury boys and friends at the sheridan was amazing too.

Mixing Ronnie and Robbie’s style with Drew’s and a little Vince, was magic.

In no particular order…

  • The Neil Young and Grateful Dead “Tiki toe-job” sets
  • BAS @ Tropical Tuesday
  • Hot Rize!!!
  • Sam Bush
  • Solomon Burke (tears a’ plenty)
  • The Frames (I had no idea!)
  • Tim O’Brien
  • House Band
  • Yonder (dance all day long!)