Duk Tape Update - ABGAT '08

Well folks, it’s really starting now.

Duk Tape Man and Blaze hit Albuquerque last Wednesday, on their way to Ramah, NM, to see Blue Turtle Seduction and have a bunch of other fun at the Road To Rich’s Tie Dye Party.

Man, did they throw down. What a fantastic start to Festival Season that was. Blaze, however, drank a bunch of red dye, 'cause someone told him it was Sangria. You don’t wanna watch a duk tape horse high on dye, I can tell you that much.

Then, sometime in the middle of the night, they ditched me and hitched a ride with Gipper back to LA. I think DTM was looking for that Oktoberfest Beer Hall babe from last year. Then he says he’s on to Pagosa and maybe have some other fun on the way to Town Park.

Be on the lookout for pictures. I think a few folks have blackmail material on their flash cards.

Thank goodness there in good hands, I read this news article and became quite concerned that Blaze had headed back south of the border

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The Boys looking for Peyote in Ramah

The boys after scoring In Ramah … Stage Right under the speaker

Blaze tripping on the Tunes

Oh wait that was me …

Life is a ducktape diarama. :thumbsup

DukTape Man was none to pleased hanging with Flat Ron at the Tie Dye Party. He was really cramping his style with the ladies…


Deb set him straight, though…


DukTape Man ran the Surf City 5K! Wooot! Way to go, DTM!


After the two-hour long run (because he kept tripping over his stand), he relaxed in the massage chair…


And was fawned over by a coupla OC hotties at the Victory Party.


Afterwards, they invited him back to their place at the beach…


Where he was wined-and-dined by the ladies…


And then taught the not-so-lucky-guys how to “man-Up”…


Gawd. :rolleyes

The evening took an unexpected turn when everyone retreated to the beach for a bonfire. It started off innocently enough roasting marshmallows…


And being fed s’mores by a blonde.


He was sweet-talking her into a moonlight swim…


When the boys asked him to throw another log on the fire first…



At least the boys are cheap to feed…

Sales of Spam rise as consumers trim spending
Much-maligned canned meat benefits from ad campaign, weak economy



Wow, there’s a tip for all you investors out there, put your money in wind energy … and Spam! Jen’s bringing back the spam!

So, looking at some old pics I found another duk tape man who wandered through town park in 02. For the record, I have no idea who he is, but it’s possible he is DTM’s half brother, or second cousin…


Oh man :thumbsup :thumbsup :thumbsup

I wanna be Duck tape man , he gets all of the chicks. :flower

uuuuh wait a minute, that means I have to get wrapped in duct tape :huh
Ohhhhh never mind :festival

:cheers :cheers :cheers :cheers :cheers :cheers :cheers :cheers :cheers :cheers :cheers :cheers

DukTape Man is recovering nicely after the beach bonfire incident over Memorial Weekend…


He was moved out of ICU and allowed visitors. Blaze brought him a few of his favorite things to lift his spirits…


His trusty steed never left his side. :horsey

After ever-so-slight duct tape grafts, eye lift, brow lift, nose reconstruction, and a bit o’ Botox…


I give you…


DukTape Man!


He looks ten years younger, huh? Not bad for a five-year old… :clap

After his recovery, he decided to go all out and get a hot-oil treatment on his dreads before Festival.


Hey! Free drinks?? Can’t beat that!! (Only in Orange County…) :thumbsup

He heard Connie was in town, so he wanted to strut his new-self for her… what a flirt!! (Connie, not DTM.) :kiss


He seemed a bit distracted though… who was catching his eye??


Ah, of course. :rolleyes

Not knowing the topless sow was part of a mural, he was determined to woo her with his pickin’…


But only the dog could hear him… :festival

:lol :lol :lol Well now that I’ve picked myself off the floor…! :lol :lol :lol

I heard that they stopped the “Free Drink” program since DTM’s visit. Seems he drank up ALL of the drinks and the employees have not been the same since his drunken antics! :drunk

DukTape Man is really enjoying the Southern California lifestyle… and his new look…


He was chillin’ at the beach in all his laid-back glory… :hombre


When two young hotties spotted him. :love They fell for him instantly. They fed him booze and his favorite brownies…


Knowing how quickly his popularity in L.A. has grown, he has started calling himself Rico Suave.


It’s time to get this guy back to the Festival World.

Next stop… Pagosa!! :wave

Say, are those Prada glasses he’s wearin’?

Nice. I don’t know about the rest of you gentlemen out there, but I’m taking notes.