Details of the Marshmallow Throw-About during the Swell Season set

Does anyone know who started that awesome marshmallow throw during the Swell Season set? It was totally awesome to be involved in. It had to be pre-planned because there were too many marshmallows being whipped around for it to have been one person’s idea. Anyone with info please post!!

I don’t know anything about it, but it was incredible. The sight of hundreds of marshmallows flying through the air at the same time was awesome enough, but the song the band was playing at the time fit the scene beautifully. High-five to the folks who started it.

“Marshmallow War” is a variant of “Glowstick War” which got started at other events - mainly at Phish shows. It was definitely pre-planned. I wish I had been at the Customs gate when the marshmallow people came through - the look on the faces on the customs gate folks would have been almost as priceless as the Marshmallow War itself!!

1st time I saw marshmallow throwing was at a widespread panic show. I was a lil shocked to see it happening at TBF. awesome stuff…

Ho Ho! Imagine what Glen Hansard must of thought!

At first, I thought it was golf balls :eek, then ping pong balls (remember Captain Kangaroo?) :lol, then figured out that it was MARSHMALLOWS!!! I thought, how come no one told me about this?? I would have played!

By the way, were they all kosher mallows? What a great spin off of nerf balls! Did anyone see the coconut encrusted kind? Of course, by the time they were re-tossed, they were all cocoa colored~!

I think throwing glowsticks is not fun play! Or anything that projectiles with pain and suffering. Good thing I wore a hat cause I got beaned a few times … but not with marshmallows…

Here’s a photo of the marshmallow toss, hard to see, and didn’t catch it during the peak.

Me too. Usually during the (or in anticipation of) a cover of the Dead’s “Cream Puff War”…which was only played a handful of times in the 60’s.


Marshmellow war? Bummer I missed that one. Guess we gotta go back and do it over again.

Jess-----who is currently plowing through too many emails and work messages. I should have worn the Human Disco Ball dress to work today to keep perspective on things

I saw someone in front of me with about 20 bags of marshmallows… so they must have handed them out or something. It was so much fun!!

YEAH! 20 BAGS! Instigators!

Just so everyone knows…Daniela picked up one of the thrown marshmallows and ate it!!!

“Just so everyone knows…Daniela picked up one of the thrown marshmallows and ate it!!!”

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Best sight was a little boy – 4 or 5 yrs old – in the Porta line with his hands COVERED with marshmallow goo and he couldn’t have happier. Watching the drummer (Johnny Boyle?) trying to bat them about with his drumsticks was amazing too.

Happened last year on Sunday night, too. I’ve got video on YouTube here:

and here:

I was over visiting some friends from Atlanta and these girls sitting next to them planned the whole thing. Apparently they brought in 40 bags a day and hid them all over the festival. Got them out and distributed right before the mayhem. Hail and marsmallows…how do you tell someone who is not a TBF veteran about this.

CSI Mike

Drummer’s Graham Hopkins this time around.

Marshmallow war = one of the best parts of the festival. Fantastic. ‘JUST TRUST THE ENERGY!’ etc.

Somebody posted a video of the marshmallows on Youtube :):

It all started about twenty paces in from the vending side of the field…middle row. We were a tarp of 30+ Atlanta folks (with one way cool dude from Denver named Mike Marcus) when this girl next to us tosses us a bag of marshmallows and says, “When this song ends, a marshmallow war will break out…be ready.” So we distributed the fluff to all. When the song ended, her prediction came true. Seems this gal brought in a case of Marshmallows, distributed them to her left and right and made it happen with a simple, “pssst - spread of the word…” It seemed bigger than last year’s Sunday Marshmallow war. What a blast! -jb

bingo. the swell season loved it.

We are the marshmallow masterminds :wave We carried in twelve large bags of marshmallows that evening, shared them with our tarp neighbors, and the rest is history. Our intention was to wait until the Swell Season set had ended, however the launch began prematurely. We were amazed they reached as far as the performers on stage, and hope that they really did enjoy their part in the fun. Thanks to everyone for their participation. It was AWESOME!!!

nothing like ground up horse hooves flying overhead :thumbsup