Details of the Marshmallow Throw-About during the Swell Season set

Lactate derived from horse hooves! Hee hee! :eek

Are you thinking of jello?

very few types of marshmallows do NOT have gelatin

but hey, animals were created for us humans to use as we please :thumbsup

“Gelatin is a protein produced by partial hydrolysis of collagen extracted from the bones, connective tissues, organs, and some intestines of animals such as the domesticated cattle, and horses”

Whew! I never wanted to know that much about anythang!


I’ll begin my search for marshmallows made from extract from the mucilaginous root of the marshmallow plant, so we can end the farming of 4-legged animals for our sheer pleasure.

Idea!!!..let’s all make our own marshmallows for next year!!! I wonder if it’s possible to make an alcoholic marshmallow!! If I could somehow suspend the ethanol in a gelatinous mixture…much like jello shots…in a high enough concentration then it would be possible to add the needed powdered sugar and possibly flavorings to conceivably turn a standard marshmallow into a fluffy flying kamikaze shot that one could try and catch in their mouths as they hurdle towards earth!!!

If we all do it and all make different flavors then it could be like a social drink-tasting except that we throw the drinks at each other!!

You might want to loosen that lampshade a notch :huh

He’s alway’s thinkin’ :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol

I can’t loosen it. It is the source of my power.

My god you are an engineer! That is SOOOO hot! :flower

Jess is smitten :love

You can’t fool me, woman! You just want me for my booze-filled marshmallows!!! And I am completely okay with that!

People got into marshmellow wars at most outdoor rock concerts I attended in 80’s at Saratoga, NY (SPAC).

And I was present at the earliest Phish glowstick wars (Harry Hood!).

Hmmmm, I see a pattern forming… :eek



add some THC and I’m yours for life, baby! :thumbsup :thumbsup

:wave Home safe and sound, surrounded by fire… :eek :eek
Not to worry - they are all about 50 - 100 miles away - Just Lots of smoke, sort of like TBF 04, but way worse

Please don’t make Hooch loosen that lampshade. :flower
:lol :lol :lol I might have to do more cooking if you do :lol :lol :lol

yeah but are you Easy ??
Ron DUCKS!!!

The answer here would be no

and suddenly Jess is over the post festival nostalgia and is very glad to be home.

It has been real

Shut up Ron :lol

Ron once again looks hard to make sure he has identified the line.

And then, with great authority and determination, he steps squarely across it, never looking back.

Way to go Ron! :thumbsup

Now apologize before we start publishing thong pictures.