Coming right up.... finally!

Greetings Festivarians!

I know everyone’s been waiting and waiting and waiting for us to get the final artists out.

That’s coming right up this week.

We weren’t trying to tease anyone, just making sure everything was right and had a couple things to get straightened out, - we wanted to have everything figured out so no more torture!

Brian will be filling everyone in Wednsday I think.

Probably the toughest feat we were able to pull off was making sure the full Strawberry Moon we have scheduled is indeed the biggest moon of the year. Which we find fitting.

Thanks for guaranteeing that my productivity on Wednesday is absolutely shot, as I compulsively check the forum every fifteen minutes. :frowning:

We’ll try to get it out early, maybe even Tuesday.

OOPS! That probably didn’t help.


:medal :medal :medal :medal
You love this stuff! :evil and so do we :lol :medal

FINALLY! :flower

Yay Ferg! Time to start the serious festi-planning everyone! Someone please cue up the traditional panic threads about killer bears and high altitude oxygen deprivation deaths!

I’m sure getting the logistics just right to fly Neil from Europe and back were very time consuming. :thumbsup

don’t forget the fawns…

finally the answer to the ‘elusive’ question about the 2 acts! my money is on Hall & Oates and Whiskeytown.

Nice, Neil performing Harvest Moon . . . . . on the Harvest (Strawberry) Moon.

…with a trained killer bear while gasping for oxygen…

My prediction:

  1. SCI
  2. WSP

AAARRRGGG, the suspense is killing me!! :wink:

RRE & SCI :thumbsup

My guesses:

  1. Ronnie from Geico Commercial
  2. Jimmie from Geico Commercial

Gonna keep making that lame joke until I get a reaction (a la David Letterman, the master).


  1. Neil Young
  2. Paul McCartney

Oh, and please!! We MUST have DEL in the mix! :sunshine


I’m guessing SCI and Mumford. We shall see.

ok, I’ll bite…if those guys showed up that’d make everybody happier than
a festivarian at the Telluride Bluegrass Festival?
a banjo player finding out all those jokes aren’t just true stories?
an over-night line sitter seeing the sun come up over Black Bear in the morning?
a camper that was already packed when they woke up to the snow early Monday?
a person lost in TP only to wind up at a camp bar with a shot of Crunchy Frog in their hands?
an ABGAT’r the week before the crowds arrive?
12k plus people when a full moon shows and King Sammy walks out on Shellman?
someone trying their first Killer?
an over-night line sitter finally getting their number?
finding out the free water you waited in line for is cold AND tastes good?
the look on someones face when they walk in to TBF for the first time?
when one of the Sisters “remembers you from last time” and gives you a free won-ton?

:thumbsup Jeeper, you made my day!!! :cheers

greg, i laugh everytime i see ur geico jokes! i’ve even passed them along to others! lol

You havemy attention :eek

Thank you phish and KaraJean! :wave :flower

You’ve made me happier than Eddie Money running a travel agency.