Clever Festival Catch Phrases and Cliche's, Sayings & Quotes, Join In!

Like my father, ‘Bluegrass’ Larry said:

If you can’t play, then sing along
If you can’t pick, take pictures
If you can’t take pictures, then help cook
If you can’t help cook, then bartend
If you can’t tend bar, help out with the cleaning!
If you can’t clean, then stay out of the way!
And I add,
If you can’t stay out of the way, then write
Write, to please the masses!

Taken from a quote on our EZ up

“If it weren’t for the DT’s, I wouldn’t get any excercise at all”

CAN WE LEAVE RIGHT NOW??? :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop :hop

Love those happy jumpin banana’s !

Those happy jumping bananas are the only way I can describe how my heart is feeling right now. :love

What happens in Telluride, stays in Telluride

Do whatever feels good…sing, dance, eat, drink, ?? :wink:

:oconnor :oconnor BUSH for president!!! :oconnor :oconnor

Take it easy…

And if it comes easy, take it twice :evil

“Somebody bring me a new cabin boy… I’ve done torn this one asunder!”


I’ll take it any way I can get it. :lol

Home is where the tarp is.

Telluride take me away!!! :sunshine

Same as above only replace Cabin Boy with Car Boy
Same as above only replace Cabin Boy with Cabana Boy

“A person becomes old when their regrets outnumber their dreams.”

“A funny thing about regret is, that its better to regret something you have done, than to regret something you haven’t done.”

I think we’ve found our Camp Flamingo saying for the year!


If you can’t dance in your underpants…you just don’t stand a chance!

I would rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy. -Tom Waits

Typically said on a Saturday:

“Now I’d like a show of hands - who’s been to all 4 days of the festival???” :lol

:wave :wave :wave :wave :wave :wave :wave :wave :wave :wave :wave :wave


Festivarian holding a sign that says: